A little motivation!!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!
It is raining here…at least it is not snowing! It’s just one of those days that you want to lay around the house in sweats and do nothing…too bad I have too much to do πŸ™‚IMG_0206[1]

Started the day off with 8 miles…some of which were in the rain! Followed by errands. I went to Fresh Market for the first time! I LOVE that place! I don’t really love the prices….but I do love that place! We got these enormous oranges! They are called Sumo oranges and they are SO good! We also got some really good watermelon and Snapple jellybeans πŸ™‚


I also had to return a few things to a store that was an hour away and exchange a pair of running shoes :). Running shoe stores are dangerous places for me!!!!

A few treats in the mail….I already tried the PB Picky Bar and it was REALLY good!


Now for some motivation!!!! I showed some pictures earlier of Desi training in Kenya (cool!!!), and now there is a video…even cooler!!!!!


Hope you are having a great weekend!

Who is race training? When is your race?

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