Fun mail day!


Such a fun mail day!!!!! I love getting stuff in the mail….well, the bills I can do without thanks :)! To start with, we have some new RUNNINGLUV’S!!!!…..actually these are gifts, so if you see this and then one it in the mail…pretend […]

An incredible story


If you have not read about or seen this yet, you NEED to. It has reminded me to remember that our circumstances do not determine who we are. We will all face challenging circumstances at different times in our life. Some will be […]

Back at the track!!!!


I LOVE productive days…who doesn’t….and that is what today has been (even with losing an hour too)!…by the way, don’t forget to spring your clocks forward! I have been looking at 2 5k’s, but could not decide which one to do. One is […]