My baby is 10…throw back Thursday!


I can’t believe that my baby is 10 today! My girls are growing up SO fast!!!

And while I have been there for all of it, it all just seems like a blur. At times like it happened in the blink of an eye.

It has been one of the biggest blessings to watch my little girl grow into the beautiful person that God has made her to be! She is such a sweet and caring girl. Always thinking of others, and things that she can do for them. She is a hard worker, creative and filled with determination! She loves to read, do crafts and play outside :). I just love her to pieces :)!

So this is my throw back Thursday :)!

DSC_0914                                                                                       DSC_0916






100_7654                                      DSC_0912


DSC_0895Happy 10th birthday to my amazing daughter Courtney!!!!! We love you!

Who else has an April birthday?

What is your favorite kind of cake?…..I am not a huge cake fan…but an ice cream cake is a whole other story :)!


  1. says

    Happy Birthday, to your beautiful daughter! I can’t imagine my sweet 4 year old at 10 years!!! Going fast already though! Your pictures are wonderful!

    I LOVE cake!!! My favorite is carrot cake!!!

    My birthday is April 29th!

    • Jen says

      Thanks!!! I can’t believe how fast time flies!!! Carrot cake 🙂 great choice…you can claim it’s
      healthy :)! Yay for another April birthday! My oldest daughter’s is April 11th!

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