What does winning mean to you?


I spent yesterday morning going back and forth between teaching my girls and watching the Boston Marathon. There are just no words. It was an amazing, inspiring race. If you didn’t actually watch it… I am sure you know the outcome already.

Rita Jeptoo wins for the women finishing in 2:18:57


Shalane Flanagan placed 7th with a time of 2:22:02.


Desi Linden placed 10th with a time of 2:23:58


Meb! The winner in 2:08:37


Tatyana McFadden and Ernst Van Dyk win for the wheelchair division.

boston7   boston8

I will say it again, this race was amazing and inspiring.

Shalane may not have won the trophy or the olive wreath, but she is a WINNER in my book for sure!

While Shalane said that she was proud of herself, she also said “My best wasn’t good enough for the win today, but I will be back.” “I love Boston so much.  I really wanted to do it for my city,”

Can I just say that she did do it for her city and she did win! She ran the exact race that she wanted to run. She was running for a 2:22 and nailed it, she now has the American women’s course record, and a PR by more than 3 minutes. I understand that she wanted more, but what she did was amazing!

I think her race was executed beautifully. I know that some questioned her pace at the beginning, but I think she ran smart. My husband definitely questioned her pace at the beginning (he is always telling me not to start as fast as I do…but do I listen…), but he also thought in the end that was what she needed to do. We both agreed that it was frustrating to hear the announcers say she should tuck behind…but then they said when she slowed a bit no one took the lead….what is she to do then, stop? She needed to run her race and she did just that! I thought her strategy of trying to break a few with that pace in the first half was smart. Her time would have won any Boston Marathon from 2003-2013!!!!!!

And how about Desi?!!!! She was equally awesome! 2:23:58 is an amazing time. She ran her race and ran it well!

Both of these women have shown amazing perseverance and dedication.

And MEB!!!! It was an amazing, on-the-edge of my seat finish!!! I wanted it for him so bad. 39 years old!!! I love it. No one took him seriously, and when he took off no one went with him. Her ran a smart, courageous, strong race!

The truth is that there are SO many stories of awesome races tat happened yesterday ….a big congrats to Katie @msfitrunner !  She finished with a PR of 2:45…AMAZING…a mom, an awesome runner, a blogger, a frozen yogurt shop owner (hello, dream job!)!!!!

So did everyone who ran yesterday! You do not need a medal or a wreath to prove that you are a winner! You worked hard, gave it all that you had….you crossed the line as a winner!

With all the excitement and race watching I did, I did not get my run in until yesterday evening. Something about watching Boston gets me pumped to run (maybe that is what I should watch the night before I run a race). I did 8 miles at a 7:28 pace and felt great and strong the whole way. I am thinking about doing the Annapolis half at the end of May!!!!!

To all who ran yesterday…CONGRATS and I wish you a speedy recovery!!!!!!


Did you run? Tell me all about it!!!

If you didn’t run, did you sit in front of your computer and get nothing done while watching it?

What does winning mean to you?


  1. says

    Yes yes yes love this!! I watched it live at work all morning and am just speechless at how inspiring and amazing the race was. I almost teared up! Haha! I was so proud of Shalane, she truly WENT for her goal, and even if she didn’t WIN, holy smokes she accomplished so much more!

    • Jen says

      I did tear up!!!! I totally agree; she did everything that she set out to do and was amazing!!!!!! I pray that she can rest knowing everyone is proud of her, she did her best and her best WAS good enough!!! 🙂

  2. says

    Great message Jen! Not everyone can get first place, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t a winner.
    I wish I could’ve watched the race, but I did follow along on Twitter. I saw a video recap of Meb’s finish this morning, and got goosebumps 🙂

    • Jen says

      Thanks. Agree 100%…you don’t need to be 1st to win :)!
      I saw some of the twitter feed too and at times I thought it was better than the tv feed :).

  3. says

    i watched the race online twice. once while it was live and then again monday night. it was just such a great race from beginning to end, both the men and women. i love all the strategy that goes into a marathon like Boston! i just wish that they would have shown us more other than just the leaders. i would have love to follow Ryan and Shalane through their races even though they didn’t win…

    • Jen says

      Oh I TOTALLY agree!!!!!! My husband and I kept saying we wish they would move one of the camera cars back to another pack or something! I made that comment on another blog post I read about the coverage. I would have loved to see some of Desi’s race too! She was almost never seen and she was only less than 2 minutes behind Shalane!

  4. says

    I love this so much Jen! Every word. You are absolutely right about ALL the winners (love my MEB!!!!), Shalane, Desi and Katie Edwards is my hero!! It was an amazing day and an amazing race for a great city. I was just a little more proud then usual to be a runner on Marathon Monday!

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