How’s your diet?


Okay, so while there is truth to this quote….there was no truth to it today!

Back up to yesterday’s run. It was 40 degrees, windy and drizzling. I did an easy paced 7 mile run and didn’t really mind the conditions. Today on the other hand it was raining harder and I was having a hard time keeping even my easy pace…and about 2 miles into my run it poured for a few minutes so then I weighed what felt like 10 pounds more :)!  I decided to listen to my body and stick with a recovery pace.

It just goes shows that not every day is going to be an awesome running day, your pace may not always be what you want it to be, and you may not always feel like it….but I am very glad that I did it!

I have been doing a little research and planning in order to improve my diet. I think it is interesting the different reactions that people have to even the word “diet”. There is no doubt in my mind that diet can affect a lot of areas of life. It can affect mood, how much you accomplish in a day and definitely affects your athletic performance!


It is funny because my daughter is learning about nutrition and digestion and all that fun stuff in her school work and came across the word “diet” in her book. The context of the word was just talking about the food we eat and not a specific diet, but she asked me about it because I have told her that I am not a big fan of diets or dieting. I think that, especially as moms, if we are always on a “diet”, and are critical of the way we look then we are teaching our kids to focus on the outward appearance. I want my kids to know that what is on the inside is what is most important. That God made everyone special and he wants them to be the best version of themselves that they can be, and eating healthy and exercising will help them achieve that.  I do my best to make exercise fun for my kids. We eat dessert…in fact we eat dessert almost every night… just small helpings.  I am a big believer in everything in moderation and I think that a lot of diets, especially elimination diets, cause more harm than good.


I have definitely not “arrived” in this area…I am a sorta-picky, carb loving girl, but I have learned to be happy with my body the way that God made it and to not be so self-critical.

My stomach may not be perfectly flat, but I have 2 beautiful girls. My legs may have some dimples, but they can carry me through a 26.2 mile race. The list can go on and on. It can be so easy to pick out the things that we don’t like about ourselves…. instead I choose to focus on being content.

With that being said, here are a few things I have found and some things I am trying 🙂 that I wanted to share…..

Tart cherry juice. I may be way behind the 8 ball on this one, but my husband has been looking into anti-inflamatories and found that this is recommended. It is definitely not the best tasting…but I just take it like medicine….quick and with a big glass of water! We got ours from Amazon, but I have also seen it in the health food section of our grocery store.


Chia seeds.


There are tons of health benefits to adding chia seeds and it is not very hard to do. I like to add them into my smoothies…but you could also easily put them on your oatmeal or in a salad.

If you want to read up on all of the benefits, check out this article:   CHIA SEED BENEFITS

Smoothies! This one is easy and with summer coming it is even easier. It is a good way to get in fruits and veggies. I have always been a big fan of fruit smoothies, but now I am adding veggies smoothies/juices too. It is such an easy way to get in a lot of veggies! I stocked up a little bit at BJ’s on the fruit part and got a huge bag of Kale too.


This is one of the first recipes I am going to try.

Mariano’s Super Kale Fruit Smoothie:

  • Coconut Water
  • Fresh Kale
  • Fresh Orange
  • Fresh Apple?
  • Frozen Grapes
  • Frozen Banana
  • Frozen Pineapple
  • Pear?
  • Cayenne Pepper

These are just awesome!!! I am not gluten free….but these are great tasting and healthy and they work for me!..these two are my favorite kinds.


HYDRATE better!!!!! This is one I am really working on right now.  I am pretty much sticking to water and Nuun for this!


I am pretty much a carbohydrate lover! I am trying to add more protein by having a handful of nuts (walnuts, almonds and pistachios) and adding a protein powder to my smoothies. I am currently experimenting with several different kinds of protein powder, both plant based and whey based, and plan to do a post on which one I decide to go with.


Having shown you some ways that I am working on being more healthy…I also allow for treats :). We had some friends over the other night and I made this AMAZING Oreo dessert. You have to make it!..the picture does not do it justice, you will not be disappointed!

IMG_0237[1]              oreo

Oreo Layer Dessert
1 pkg of regular Oreos
1/2 c. of butter
1 lg box of instant chocolate pudding
2-8 oz cool whips
8 oz. of cream cheese, softened
1 c. powdered sugar
Crush the whole package of cookies either with a food processor, or in a bag and a rolling pin.  Save a 1/2 c. to sprinkle on top of dessert when it’s done.  Pour remaining crumbs in a 13×9 pan.  Melt butter and pour into crumb mix.  Stir it up good and press crumbs in bottom of pan to make a crust.  Make chocolate pudding according to package directions and let it setup in the fridge.  In a mixing bowl blend cream cheese until nice and smooth and then add powdered sugar, mix.  Then fold in 1-8 oz thing of cool whip.  Top Oreo layer with cream cheese mix, then pudding, then your last 8 oz thing of cool whip, and then sprinkle remaining Oreo’s on top.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

I also found this and it is just pretty funny :)…..especially to me because I always have a little peanut butter m&m stash in my desk drawer :)!

Diets can be touchy subjects…what are your thoughts?
Anything in particular that you are working on in your diet?


  1. says

    This rain is no joke! You’re a little more hardcore than I am though, I took it inside to the treadmill today, womp womp. Great job getting it done out there 🙂
    I’ve noticed the same connotation with the word diet – it’s so frustrating. People seem to equate me wanting to eat healthier with losing weight. I think it’s the same thought process people have that you can “see” how healthy someone is by just looking at them.
    I recently finished the Whole 30, and I’m sticking with more whole foods since then – I’ve really upped my veggie intake which I’m super proud of 🙂 I still love my PB m&ms as a treat though!

    • Jen says

      My treadmill has been out of commission since our move and it has been so long since I have used it that I feel like it will feel really weird when I do!!!!!
      Just because you are dieting does not mean you are healthy and some of the thinnest people are really not healthy or fit at all!
      I was looking into the whole 30…I am pretty sure I would not be able to totally stick to it…but I like the idea of adding more veggies :)!

    • Jen says

      So far I have been putting them in my smoothies and that works great for me! I have some friends that put them on their salad. I have also seen some people add them on top of their toast with PB…but I am not sure if I would like that.

  2. says

    I love your comments about how you love your body!

    I don’t advocate for diets either. Just by eating clean you will shed pounds. If I want something, I eat it. But, I eat the clean version of it!

    • Jen says

      I didn’t always :)….and it may not always be easy, but I think it is a matter of putting things in perspective and being content. I don’t love my friends because of how they look….I love them for who they are. My friends will not like me more if I weigh 10 pounds less, have a flatter stomach, have have whiter teeth… ect. ect. :). Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves and put too much stock in things that are not that important.
      Just eating healthy is SO much healthier!!!!

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