Training Update


Happy Wednesday! I absolutely love this quote! There will always be bumps in your training…just keep working hard!!!!

Speaking of Kara Goucher….in case you happen to miss it…..

I am in the middle of training for THE ZOOMA ANNAPOLIS HALF. Friday I had a great speed workout that was supposed to be followed on Sat by a long run… which was a semi-fail.I set out Sat planning to do 14 miles. At about mile 5 I felt something off in my knee. It seemed to be tightening. It did not change my stride so I kept going, but by mile 9 it was bothering me and I could tell that my stride was changing to compensate…so I stopped. I am not always the best judge of my own pain when it comes to running…I have a tendency to keep pushing and ignore pain. I knew that trying to finish out the last 5 miles would not do me near as much good as some dynamic stretching and ice would. So I stopped, stretched and iced!Sunday was a day off and Monday I felt great! 8 miles at a 7:52 pace. Tuesday….I planned for 7 miles at an easy pace….turned into 5 miles with just a bit of pain in my knee. I know that it is my IT band so I am trying to be consistent in my strength training and icing. I spent a good amount of time on some drill yesterday and today I did 6 miles with almost no trouble at an 8:06 pace.My plan is to skip speed work this week and try for my long run Sat and if all is good pick up speed again next week.Today I got a little wet on my run…but it was the perfect opportunity to wear the best vest ever!!!!!


So, my week looks like this so far:

Sat: 9 miles

Monday: 8 miles

Tues: 5 miles + lots of drills

Wed.: 6 miles + drills


I think I got a little purple happy… really, grape IS the best flavor!


And I am super excited to get and to wear these shirts! You can find them here: Run Far Girl; Embrace the HillI love the shirts (the material is perfect), the message and the cause!




Last but not least….some great exercises from Lauren to work your core:


How is your week going? Tell me something you have going on this week?


    • Jen says

      No problem….I think I finally got the post right…for some reason I was having a bunch of trouble formatting a few things and it takes me forever to figure stuff out :)! I need to go to a blogger workshop or something…or I need to find some bloggers who live by me and we can get together so someone can teach me some of the technical stuff! 🙂

  1. says

    good job listening to your body and taking it easy when you need to. IT pain is the worst, but it’s usually pretty easy to fix, and you are doing all the right things.

    i love those shirts! so cute 🙂

  2. says

    So much info and greatness in one post! I’m so glad you stopped the run and took care of your knee – so smart but not easy to do. Good for you!!
    I did NOT know about Kara signing with Sketchers – very cool that her and Meb are on the same “team.” Makes me think twice about Sketchers!

    • Jen says

      I know me too…my husband asked if I was going to go out and buy a pair of Sketchers now :)…he know me too well! I have to admit when I hear Sketchers I just think about light up kid shoes :)…but looks like that is about to change!

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