Chocolate anyone?

I am getting ready for Mother’s Day at our church by making these cute mason jars filled with chocolate (really is there any woman that doesn’t like chocolate)!!!!


Today was such a fun mail day!!! First I got samples of VEGA SPORT acute recovery!!! I am really excited to try and review this.  I have also been wanting to try Vega products for a while now and I have been working on fueling my workouts better. Look for a review to come in the near future.


Next…drum roll please….


New shoes!!!!

When these came my husband asked me if I ordered Sketchers now that Kara is sponsored by them :)!

I have been back on the hunt for my “this is it shoes” and I think I have found it!!!! I was liking my Mizuno, but I have been wanting to find a good, lighter racing shoe and Mizuno did not have one that I liked. I also went to look at the updated Wave Rider’s and I am sorry to say..I really do not like them at all! So ….back to the drawing board I went, and I am SO happy with what I am wearing right now.

I am rotating Saucony Ride 6 with Kinvara 5’s. I have only worn the Kinvara 5’s today, so I hesitate to give them an official review….but I really, really love them!!!! I do not mind the Kinvara 4’s..but the 5’s are way better!

Now onto the pecans I am roasting for a chicken salad that I am making :). If it is good then I will pass along the recipe!



What are your weekend plans?

Anyone doing anything special for Mother’s Day?

What is your current favorite race day shoe?



  1. says

    Ahh I love the Kinvaras! My 4’s are close to retirement due to mileage, but the pair I recently bought to replace them is another 4. The sale price got me 🙂 But I’m glad to hear when I upgrade to the 5’s that they’re better.
    I’ve got a 5K tomorrow morning, then wine tasting on Sunday afternoon, a weekend with some of my favorite activities.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you – I’m sure all the ladies at your church will love the jar of chocolates!

    • Jen says

      The Kinvara’s are the first “lighter” shoe that has worked for me. I have been wearing the 4’s on and off for a few months, but have not raced in them yet. I do like them and I am getting to where I am more comfortable to wear them for longer distances….the 5’s though just feel amazing! Do you do the marathon in them? I am using them for my half at at the end of this month…and I am still thinking about the 10 miler in June! 🙂

      • says

        Yes, I ran Baltimore in them and have zero regrets about it. It took me quite a while to feel comfortable doing longer distances in my first pair though. I was switching from Mizuno Wave Riders to the Kinvaras, so I started only wearing them a few days a week for warm-ups/cool down, then short runs, then slowly adding more miles on them.
        Now I wear them for every other run, regardless of the distance 🙂

        • Jen says

          Funny…I was using Rider’s too…I am also wearing the Saucony Ride 6. That is what I am doing. I have been wearing Kinvara for speed (usually ends up being 6-8 miles) and was planning on wearing them for the half. I was wondering how they hold up for a full…thanks!

  2. says

    awwww! i love it when churches do special things for moms/dads on mothers and fathers day! maybe i’ll come home with some chocolate of my own this weekend 🙂

    love the new shoes! what an awesome color combo.

    • Jen says

      Thanks Dawn :). I was having a hard time coming up with a good gift idea (especially since I waited too last minute to order anything)…but I like this. I found a few great ideas for Fathers Day though! If you don’t get any chocolate just let me know 🙂 I am sure I’ll have extras I can share :).

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