Definitely NOT the smartest thing I have ever done….

Waiting until 4:30 to go for my run when it was 88 degrees and a million percent humidity was not the smartest thing I have done for sure!!!! Not only that but I was planning to do an 8 mile run with 4 of those miles at half marathon goal pace tempo. Apparently I think I am super runner or something :)….

superNeedless to say, this did not happen!

Then to top it all my Garmin TOTALLY failed me! This is the first time this has ever happened…but it never got a signal! It was SO frustrating!!!! I waited for 15 minutes then finally just decided to run and it still never got a signal!

So it went like this….

2 mile warm up

2 miles tempo at half marathon goal pace (6:48, 6:53)

4 more miles…it was about an 8:20 pace…I only know this because I know the route is 4 miles and I timed it.

Although this was not the run I had planned…obviously with the weather that was not going to happen, and I am happy that I kept going the distance I was planning. I definitely considered calling it a day as soon as I finished the first tempo mile…then I told myself just one more and almost stopped after that…but I decided to just finish the run and do it at whatever pace I could do.

This is just more proof that not all runs will go as planned (really what in life ever does)…just adjust and do your best and then be happy with what you did and the effort that you put forth! 🙂

So, that was that. It sure was hot!!! I am definitely not complaining though because I personally would WAY rather run in the heat (which normally to avoid that I go early) than have to put on a million layers and running in the freezing snow!

As soon as I got home I downed a VegaSport recovery accelerator drink….I will be reviewing this soon, I just want to use it a little bit longer before I review it.


 Anyone else have a Garmin issue like that?!…I hope that never happens to me again

Is it hot where you live?

When weather is not ideal, which do you prefer….extreme heat or cold?………heat for sure heat!


  1. says

    Way to finish your mileage for the day after that frustrating watch issue and tough tempo! I definitely prefer running in the heat too, because I absolutely despise cold weather, but it can be hard not to let it get to you when it forces you to slow down so much.
    Sometimes it helps to know you’re not the only runner affected by the temps and humidity though- no one is going to have a kick-butt workout on an afternoon like today!

    • Jen says

      I will laugh at the watch thing now…but if it happens again I won’t! I probably looked so silly to anyone who saw me in the parking lot :)…I held my arm up for awhile hoping that would help and jogged to several different spots thinking maybe if I was standing somewhere different that might help. Finally I had enough and just ran…which makes me wonder what we ever did before GPS watches! I equally despise the cold and then you don’t even break a sweat. At least in the heat I come back drenched in sweat so I feel like I had a killer workout :)!

    • Jen says

      Thanks :)…I was really in the mood to go for a run otherwise I am not sure I would have gone….the latest I will usually go is 3. In the spring, summer and fall though I really like the morning!

  2. says

    Ah yes, I have definitely been there! You can “force” the Garmin into a satellite pick-up. If it’s doing that again, just hit the button you normally would to get the signal and it will come up. It may not be completely accurate but it will work!! I also find that if I charge mine right before I head out, it’s more likely to pick-up the signal quickly. Hope those things help??
    I’m also reviewing the Vega Sport protein recovery bar. I am LOVING them and that drink looks like something I may need 🙂 Can’t wait to read the review…

    • Jen says

      Thanks!!! That does help, I will try it! I am hoping that doesn’t happen again :). I have had it take a long time and I have had it be off in the first mile, but never had it not catch the signal at all.I am excited to do this review! I want it to be a good, honest review so I am making sure to use the product long enough to give one :). First impressions are great though! Really amazing customer service too!!!

  3. says

    ugh, it is awfully hot and humid here in florida. i’ve definitely entered the season that if i don’t run early, i don’t run at all.

    i have a tempo planned for thursday….i’m not looking forward to it. here, it’s already 80 before the sun even comes up. gross.

    • Jen says

      We go to Florida for vacation every year…usually around Sept/Oct and I definitely go AM there!!!! It can for sure sure be hot and humid…but I LOVE palm trees!!!!

  4. says

    I’m okay with running in extreme cold as long as it’s not windy or icy. Then it is a different ball game. I’m glad you were able to get it done though. I hate running in the afternoon…generally if it becomes after a certain time I know I’m getting out there LOL.

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