The best list ever!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

My Friday looked like this….running (6 miles at a 7:57 pace), school with the kids, picking out a violin for my youngest daughter (OUCH! Musical instruments are expensive…I had no idea!!!!), Kohls for a new shower curtain and BJ’s (my husband said that I had to put a picture of this on my blog :)…in all fairness, they were $3 off per box….so this makes me a very thrifty wife not a crazy one :)!


I found this list of the 25 worst questions to ask a runner and it is just great!!!! It is a definite must read! I love it!!!!


Some of these questions can definitely be annoying…but some of them are just so funny…. and I have had a lot of them asked to me before!

Don’t you get tired :)….who doesn’t?! Everyday we choose how we are going to spend our energy…spend it well!


You run outside? You run in the cold…in the heat…in the rain…in the wind!………….YES…pretty much! I just had one of my friends ask me this question this week…”how do you still run in the rain?”


Do you really need another pair of running shoes…………….OF COURSE!!!!!! I promise I will get TONS of use out of them! I love running shoes!

Aren’t races expensive…….This one I actually used to say myself. I just did not get the concept of paying to do something I could do for free…until I ran a race!!! Can they get expensive…yes. I will argue that so can any hobby and this hobby happens to be great for your health! Everyone spends their money on something…you just need to prioritize and decide what is right for you.



You know someone does not know much about running when they ask you how far your marathon was…

A marathon is 26.2 miles!


And probably the most annoying questions would have to be about knees!

I am sure if you are a runner you have had some of these questions asked to you before!!! What are your favorite ones? Any that just really annoy you?!

Tomorrow is a long run for me!!!!

I also had the opportunity to try VegaSport recovery accelerator and will post my review about it tomorrow!!!!



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    Haha, great list. I love the “don’t you get tired?” question. Um of course I do, but being tired after a tough run also feels great. I suppose some people don’t thing feeling tired and great go together 🙂
    The ones that annoy me though are “are you fast?” and “how fast/far did you run today?” Then I feel obligated to explain that no, that 7 mile run at a 7:40 pace was not my fastest, nor was it intended to be. I tried explaining the difference between all the different paced runs (tempo, long, recovery, etc) to a coworker one day, and he was astounded. Silly non-runners…

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    i hate hate hate the marathon distance one. it’s worse than nails on a chalkboard to me. i always have to resist the urge to walk away from the person without responding, cause that’s what i want to do.

    the other thing i hate is when i’m outnumbered. i was at some friend’s house and was chatting with a group. they asked how i was doing (i had back surgery in the past year) and i responded that i was feeling so good and i was back to running. then the three of them started tearing down everything about running. it started with knee comments and then they moved on to believing that running prematurely ages people and on and on…. it was like i wasn’t even there…

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