How do you Fuel your Better?…and try it for yourself!!!!!!



Like most runners and mothers, I ask a lot out of my body. I am for the most part an on the go all day type of person. I also love to run and I love to push myself. I like to push the distance and I like to push the speed. I realize that in order to keep pushing myself I need to give my body the fuel that it needs.

This is why when Vega asked me to be part of their fuel your better campaign I jumped at the opportunity. I had actually contacted them awhile ago just letting them know that I was interested in learning more about their products and possibly giving them a try. I know that with the miles I am putting in and the speed work I am doing that I need to put more thought and planning into how I am fueling and recovering from my workouts. Even if you are not looking to get faster or go farther…who isn’t looking to finish stronger and feel better?!


To be better….you have to FUEL YOUR BETTER !!!

I was honestly interested in several of their products, but I decided to go with the VegaSport RECOVERY ACCELERATOR ….and I am glad I did.

I want to start out my review by saying that I am not a nutritionist. I am just a normal mom who leads a very busy and active life and tries to stay healthy and balanced. I only do reviews on products that I am personally interested in and products that I think will be beneficial to my readers. I will also give an honest review. When I read reviews I like to know the pro’s and the con’s.

I wanted to try VegaSport a full week before I even did a review. That being said, I have used this for a week’s worth of workouts that included 2 longish runs (one 13 mile run and one 14 mile run)and some tempo speed work in 88 degree weather! It would also be important to note that I am very picky when it comes to a lot of these powder type drinks and proteins. I am not necessarily picky about the ingredients (although that is important), but about the taste. I really can’t stomach chalky tasting drinks and I am kinda hard to please. When I saw a lot of Generation UCAN fans I decided to try that …and I can’t! I could not handle the taste. If I don’t at least somewhat like it, I won’t drink it.

For the longest time I really did not ever drink anything with calories because I felt like it was a waste of my calories. Within the last few years I have changed my thinking on that and realize that a lot of good can come from certain drinks. This for sure is one of them!!!!

So, what exactly does the VegaSport recovery accelerator do?

It “recharges and repairs so you can do it all again sooner.”



1. Replenshes energy and electrolytes

2. Reduces inflammation, muscle and joint pain

3. Supports immune system function and protein synthesis

4. Reduces recovery time between training

Sounds good….does it really?

I say yes. At least to numbers 1, 2, and 4. I am not sure about 3…but probably yes. I am for the most part (knock on wood) a very healthy person. I can’t even remember the last time I was sick. When I started using the accelerator my IT band was acting up a bit and causing a small amount of knee pain. I am pretty sure there was some inflammation and I do think the accelerator has helped! It was great for rehydrating, especially after my hot tempo run, and I really think it has helped my muscles recover faster.

So what about the taste?

Here is where some honesty comes in. I received both the apple berry and tropical flavors. I requested the apple berry because I really thought that I would like that better…I did not. I liked the tropical A LOT better!!! When I first mixed it up it seemed pretty thick and I was not sure about it…the only drink that I use besides water is Nuun and occasionally powerade. I tried the apple berry first and really did not like it all that much. I added water to it to see if that would help and it really didn’t. It wasn’t that I couldn’t handle it, but I really wanted to like it! Now it is worth noting that my husband liked this flavor (he is actually excited that I don’t so he can use it 🙂 ). Next was the tropical. I really liked this! I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this after trying the apple…but I really like the taste! I don’t know how to describe the taste…orange/dreamsicle-ish. I added 10-12 ounces of water, shook it up and drank it right after my runs. I have thought about adding to ice and blending it, but so far I have just gone with the quick recovery drink.


So what are the cons?

The taste of the apple-berry was a con to me. The price tag is also a bit high….but in a lot of cases you are getting what you pay for. A lot of recovery/ protein products can be a bit expensive…but so is junk food :). It again just comes down to a personal decision on what you choose to spend your money on.

I will be using the recovery accelerator…I probably won’t use it after short or easy runs to help save a bit on the cost…but it is a great product!

Extra Credit!!!

Vega went above and beyond in the customer service department! I think customer service is very important and I want to thank them for AWESOME customer service!!! The sent me a great package of goodies and all of the email follow-up was amazing!


Because I would love to give you the opportunity to try it…I am doing a giveaway!!! I saved 1 sample pack of each flavor to giveaway to one winner!!!!


I will choose one winner to receive a sample of each flavor. To enter leave a comment below letting me know what you use to fuel your better and which flavor you think you will like best :)! Giveaway ends at 11pm (eastern time) on Friday May 23rd and winner will be announced Sat!!!!!

Disclosure: I received Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator in exchange for my honest review as part of the Fuel Your Better campaign by Vega Sport


  1. says

    Ahh finally your review is up! I’m glad Vega is working for you & that you like it (at least the tropical flavor of it) 🙂
    I would’ve thought I’d like the apple-berry better too, but after seeing you say the same thing, now I’m not sure. Either way, I’d love to try both!
    For me, fueling better hasn’t focused on recovery so much (being that I rarely eat or drink immediately after a run…tsk tsk). I try to fuel my workouts ahead of time with whole, healthy food though.

    • Jen says

      My husband really liked the apple it is just a matter of taste. The only runs that I am not able to eat or drink after are marathons. I just can’t stomach anything after my marathons! With increased distances and more racing I have just started paying more attention to my fuel needs. I almost tried their pre-workout energizer! I agree on the whole and healthy foods as being my main form of nutrition though for sure! :). What is your favorite pre-race breakfast?

      • says

        I feel the same way about eating after long runs! I’ve only done 2 marathons, but I remember struggling to get my banana down after Baltimore.
        My pre-race breakfast used to be a pb covered bagel – but since I did the Whole 30 challenge, I’m kind of at a loss. I used a Cliff Bar before my 5K last weekend, and it was fine, but that’s obviously not Whole 30 compliant. As much as I love fueling with whole food during “normal” meals, nothing appealed to me on race morning.

  2. michael thomas says

    Vega sport recovery is an awesome drink that I consume daily because of the workouts I am doing can leave me drained and tired. What i discovered with the accelerater is that i am able to recover from my training and i am able to train harder the next day. As a sprinter i am training from high to low volume speed work so recovery for my body is important. Plus the added benefits of eating a plant base nutrition for me is working wonders for my body.

  3. says

    You know I’m already a fan of their recovery bars so I can’t wait to try this!! Great review my fellow Sweat Pink mama 🙂

  4. Rebecca Cook says

    As a very active vegetarian, I’ve relied on Vega nutritional shakes to sustain my body through my crazy schedule for 3 years now. I was teaching up to 15 hot power yoga classes per week as well as daily weight training and/or trail running.
    I needed not only the calories but to replace the vitamins and minerals that were leaching out of me in the hot room faster than I could replace them! #yogateacherproblems
    After trying the various flavors I’ve stuck with plain old natural as I find flavoring to not really be a strong point of the product. I can drink it either blended with fruits or plain with water as I’ve acquired a taste for the benefits it brings.
    I’ve just had a csection and am getting back to my training and have been looking for something quick and effective post workout. I’ve seen this on the shelves and actually been interested yet wary due to the flavor factor lol.
    If you say tropicals better then I believe you! I might even try shaking it up with some coconut water… Hmmm..

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