T-1 day and counting!!!!

You may have assumed that I fell off of the face of the Earth…but I didn’t :)…just got crazy busy!

We have had such a busy, but super fun week!!!!

First let’s talk about training! Saturday I had a great 7.5 mile run at a comfortable 7:56 pace. I did 14 the Sat before and this week I was going for a 7-8 mile run in preparation for this Saturday’s half marathon! Sunday I was going to do 6. I typically take Sunday’s off, and that really works for me, but I knew that Monday was going to be such a busy day so I was switching them. This run ended at 2 miles with a bothered IT band causing knee pain. This semi-injury has been tricky for me to figure out because one day I will feel totally fine with almost no pain at all and then the next day I have enough pain to end a run. I knew that with my upcoming race it was best not to push it so I just ended the run. I know that 4 more easy paced miles will not do anything to improve my race time Sat. I also decided to go ahead and take Monday and Tuesday off. We have some friends visiting and I knew we would be doing a decent amount of walking so adding a run to that would not help my IT band. Wednesday I did a 5.5 mile run at an 8:16 pace. I am using an IT band strap and was able to do it with very little pain. Today I did 4.5 miles, again with very little pain.

I was able to do my last 2 runs with very little pain which is good…but I tad bit nervous about how I will hold up going fast for 13.1 miles. I have been stretching and rolling and I am just going to go out there and give it my best! I am not too worried about being able to finish and I am pretty confident I will be able to finish with a decent time…1:30 may be a bit of a stretch though…but that is my A goal 🙂 (in other words my this is my best day and everything is going amazing goal).

Our church did a float for our town’s Memorial Day parade on Monday and it could not have gone better!!! It was so much fun! We were able to pass out 3,000 bags with fliers for our church, candy and a little flag in them. For the float we made a paper mache Liberty Bell, a giant wood Statue of Liberty, and God’s hands holding the United States also made out of wood. We made coins for the kids to wear around their necks too. It was just such a fun day!

DSC_1230 DSC_1217

We have some great friends visiting us this week so after the parade we had lunch and then went hiking. There are SO many beautiful areas to hike pretty close to us. We went to a great trail in Pennsylvania and then drove past Camp David.

DSC_1301                                    DSC_1312

The view from our pictures was amazing…but I was definitely nervous with the drop from those rocks! I just kept envisioning someone slipping!

We got home and grilled steaks and chicken 🙂

Then Tuesday we went to DC and did a few of the Smithsonian museums.


Wednesday we all went to Gettysburg for a bit more hiking…..

DSC_1369 DSC_1373

and some outlet mall shopping :). I found this super cute maxi skirt and sweater!!!


I also got this in the mail!!!!!! T-1 day and counting! I am really excited for a fun race!


So that is my update for the week!!!!

I had a post last week on Vega Recovery Accelerator and a giveaway…..I am going to go ahead and send a sample to the 3 commentors who have not yet tried it!

I love being able to share great products with my readers… and since I am going to buy a large container of the tropical flavor, I am going to share my samples.

So….Allie (who is in Spain right now getting ready for her amazing Duathlon World Championships on Sunday!!!!!)

Amber and Rebecca Cook…if you can email me at jensrunning26@gmail.com then I can get you all set up!



What do you run the day before a half marathon?

What is one of the prettiest places that you have been to?


  1. says

    I’m so excited for you! I went to Annapolis for the first time last weekend, it’s so cute! I hope your IT band doesn’t give you any trouble during the race- good luck tomorrow =)
    Hmm one of the prettiest places I’ve been to- that’s tough to choose! For hiking I’d say the mountains in Blacksburg, VA were pretty gorgeous.

    • Jen says

      Thanks! The pictures look really pretty!!!! Don’t forgot to send me an email and I will get you your Vega samples!!!!! 🙂

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