Zooma Annapolis 1/2 Marathon Re-cap!

Happy Monday!!!!!!


 What a great weekend it was!!!! First of all, I LOVE this weather!!!! I love sunny days, I love the warmth, I love the flowers and the green grass, I love the sounds of summer (lawn mowers, birds, kids outside)….I just love it all!!!!

I ran the ZOOMA ANNAPOLIS 1/2 MARATHON on Sat. It was a great race! We ran past the Sate House, Naval Academy and over the Naval Academy Bridge (gorgeous).


I was at first thinking about going for a 1:30. My current PR is 1:32, but this PR was also on a completely flat course. After hearing that this was a hilly course and factoring my off IT band into it, I decided that 1:30 was probably out of my fitness range. I do REALLY feel capable of a 1:30…especially on a flat course…but not yet. I decided to go for 1:35…feeling like that was more accurate. Last year’s winner was 1:37:40 so I had in the back of my mind the possibility of being up front.

The weather was perfect and my husband and kids got up to come with me :)!


Going into the race I kept reminding myself not to go out too fast. I wanted my first few miles to be around 7:05-7:10…no 6:30’s. (my husband was actually reminding me of this more than I was reminding myself 🙂 ).


I didn’t happen that way :/

Mile 1: 6:42- I looked at my watch at just over a half mile and it said 6:34 pace..Ahhhhh! No!!!!! Slow down! It didn’t even feel that fast!

Mile 2: 6:44- oh well….I just decided to go with what felt good

Mile 3: 6:42

Mile 4: 6:56

Mile 5: 7:09- Wishing this was my first mile time

Mile 6: 7:19- a bit hilly but I can do this

Mile 7: 7:55- ugh! Hills are getting to me now

Mile 8: 7:46

Mile 9: 7:56

Mile 10: 7:45

Mile 11: 7:41

Mile 12: 7:08

Mile 13: 7:35

Mile .27: 6:53


DSC_1407                         DSC_1404

I loved:

I passed 2 people in mile 12.

I loved that I ended pretty fast and I loved how beautiful it was!

I got 2nd in my age group and 11th over all.

I want to work on:

Hills! Hills! Hills!

My mental game. I had moments that I felt like I mentally gave up. I also had some moments that I just zoned out on the pretty scenery and almost forgot I was racing.

 I am over all really happy with this race! I want to go over my training paces because I feel like some of my training paces are not lining up with my race times…but I also know I have some things I can work on. Hills and not going out too fast are my two main ones!!! I also want to do some focusing on strength training and core work. I am planning on posting some of the exercises and things that I am doing to improve my over all strength :)…so hold me to it! I have another 1/2 in Sept and a full in November. I may throw a 5 or 10k in before that if I find one close :)!!!!

Who raced this weekend? Tell me all about it.

Any long runs?

Who else is enjoying this awesome weather?!!!!


  1. says

    Great job on passing people in mile 12- that’s gotta be a good feeling so close to the end 🙂
    I’m totally with you on going out too fast! I get so worked up and excited/nervous before the start, then I end up racing off the line for fear of being to slow in the first couple miles. It’s awesome that you were able to still busy out those speedy miles at the end though!

    • Jen says

      Thanks. My husband told me right before the race to make it my goal to negative split….didn’t happen, maybe next time. Not quite as fast as I would have liked….but it was still a great race and I am looking forward to focusing on some little setails that will hopefully transition to faster race times :)!~

    • Jen says

      Ugh! I would have loved to meet you :)!!!! Soon for sure :). I totally want to do that one again next year!

    • Jen says

      I totally think I saw you though, just didn’t know it was you!!! I had to exchange my race shirt after the race for a different size…were you at the table? I am hoping to be an ambassador for next year! I applied this year but was too late!

  2. Molly says

    Congrats!! Excellent job! I had my first half this weekend (Dam to Dam in Des Moines). It went ok – definitely slower than expected due to the weather and waiting in a bathroom line. Definitely ready for half #2 coming up in July 🙂

    • Jen says

      Congrats on your race too!!!! I looked into Dam to Dam when we lived in Osceola!!!! 🙂 Bathroom lines are the worst! Which 1/2 are you doing in July. I really love the half distance!!!!

  3. says

    Congrats on an awesome race and finishing strong passing others late in the race. That is a kick ass time, especially for hills and struggling with ITB stuff! You definitely have 1:30 in you, it will come but you are also smart for recognizing that the course and what you have been dealing with might not help get there right NOW. But I think it’s coming sooner than you think! Nice work lady! Love the finish photos too, soo strong!

    • Jen says

      Thanks :). Now to work on not going out too fast :). I am really glad that my ITB is doing good now after the race. I was a little worried after the race I might need some time off to recover it, but I did 4 pain free miles today!

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