Run by effort not by Garmin

Ah, the summer is here in full force…and I kinda love it!!!! (I think I love it even more after the crazy cold, never ending winter we had)


I love that we successfully made it through another school year (yay!!!!!!), and we celebrated by having some friends over and spending the day at the park and playing tennis!!! I seriously cannot believe another school year has gone by!!!!





I also really LOVE this:


Yes, I love having a new sports bra (which, by the way, is very comfortable and just awesome)…but what I really love is my signed picture of Kara and Lauren!!!! The last autograph I got was when I was in 3rd grade. We had a school project where we needed to write to someone famous and ask for their autograph. Drum roll please……I got MacGyver’s :). This one is WAY cooler!!!!!!

As much as I love summer I think it is super important to remember a few important things.

I have seen several posts on instagram and twitter from some runner’s that are a bit disappointed that they are not hitting their paces for particular workouts.

I am definitely preaching to the choir on this believe me….but, especially in the summer, I think it is WAY more important to base your workouts on effort more that Garmin times.

I know…it can be really hard. You want to get that certain time for your repeats and you just can’t….you have done it before…why not today? The heat, the humidity, the sun, hydration…they are all factors.

Here are just a few of my summer training tips, but my main tip is…


*Acclimate- Give your body a chance to adjust to this summer weather. Take a few weeks either off of speed if you do it, or just run at a slower pace to adjust to the weather.

*Dress- In the winter we layer up and dress warm…the same effort needs to go into our summer running wardrobe. Think light weight, light color, and sweat wicking

*Accessorize Socks, sunglasses, sunscreen, possibly a light hat and my RunningLuv are all must’s for me.


*Timing- If at all possible get out nice and early. We tend to stay up later, especially in the summer, but I still try to get out by 7:30.

*Think about your route if possible try to have a lot of shade in your route

*HYDRATE- drink a lot of water!

* Electrolytes!!!!- When the body sweats, it releases water as well as sodium, magnesium, and more. These electrolytes are crucial for nearly every bodily process and need to be replaced. My absolute favorite way to do this is Nuun!!!


And over all….

Just listen to your body! If you are having dizziness, or are feeling light headed or nauseous you may have pushed a bit too far and need to ease up a bit.

Summer running can be challenging and sweaty :), but it can also be rewarding and fun!!!! (this is coming from someone who LOVES summer running)

The last 2 weeks I have backed quite a bit off my mileage with my race and my ITB issue. I had the week leading up to my half and then last week was a recovery week.

This week I am slowly building back up the mileage and so far so good!

From today’s run:


What are some ways you adjust to summer?

What are some of your favorite summer accessories?

Favorite brand sports bra?……I have only ever worn Nike till I got my Oiselle one!


  1. says

    Hi there! It’s good to be back (sort of!) and it’s helping that it’s as warm here as it was in Spain. I’m looking forward to those early morning summer runs with just my Oiselle sports bra and shorts :-)))) Also – since the “big race” I’ve been running Garmin-free and it’s amazing!

    • Jen says

      Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did AMAZING!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Not to get adjusted to life back at home πŸ™‚

  2. says

    The title of this post goes perfectly with my run this morning. I looked down at the end of my run and at some point during it my garmin died. I was so involved with the run I had no idea… it was wonderful.

    • Jen says

      I really love it and I don’t love very many sports drinks out there :). Grape is my favorite by far πŸ™‚ and it really is not too pricey.

  3. says

    That bra is so cute! The autographs are pretty cool too πŸ˜‰
    I love these tips! Last summer I ran in ther afternoons and I remember feeling like running was such a chore, and I felt like a failure after my workouts. It was such a confidence killer. So this year I’ve been running before work, and I feel much better during and after my runs- what a huge difference the time of day makes!
    I got the Vega Recovery samples you sent me, can’t wait to try them out after my next tough workout πŸ™‚

  4. says

    I think the biggest adjustment I make in summer is what I wear and when I run. I have no shame in running in shorts and a sports bra, its comfortable and helps regulate body temperature. I also do more runs in early morning or at night to escape the heat. The added perk of this…more sunrise and sunset runs!

  5. says

    So, when I read the title, I thought you meant all the time, and my first response was, “Is she crazy?? How would I survive?” πŸ˜‰ But having read it, I totally agree! I am still doing speed workouts, but not sweating it if I’m not quite hitting my paces, because I figure all the summer factors will just help improve my fitness for when I’m running and racing in cooler weather again.

    • Jen says

      I am a little crazy :)….but not that crazy :). I actually always run with my Garmin (except that one time it never caught a signal)….but what I really mean is (especially with these weather conditions) that if you do a workout and just can’t hit your paces…don’t count it as a fail. In those cases the effort is more important than what the Garmin tells you :).

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