A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…plus they are just fun to look at



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Dear Dad: We want to thank you for being the very best dad out there! For being such a good example for us. For teaching us to be faithful. For teaching us about God and showing us how to put him first. For teaching us to be hard working and loving. For playing basketball and soccer with us. For reading to us and playing board games with us. For taking us fishing and for boat rides and on walks. For encouraging us and guiding us.

Thank you for all the time that you spend with us, the example you are for us, and all the love that you show us. We love you to the moon and back 🙂

Love, Alyssa and Courtney

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Father’s Day and I want to wish my dad a very Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being such a wonderful Dad!!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!


  1. says

    That is fantastic!!! I love the one of him dressed as Abe Lincoln (?) and reading to the class – something only a loving dad would do!! Hope it was a great day Jen 🙂

    • Jen says

      Thanks :). Yep, it was Abe Lincoln :). In her class they had mystery readers and parents would come in and read a story…something fun and special for the class… and he dressed the part. Hope you and your family had a great day too!!!!!

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