Training Update, a So Close to Perfect Tempo & My Hip Attachment

I love summer! Summer is crawling into bed happily exhausted at night because you spent the whole day outside. For us, that crawl into bed time seems to be happening around midnight, which is making the early morning runs nearly impossible. Although I have been planning to be out there by 6:30-7…it has just not happened. It is more like 8-8:30…oh well!

I have taken the last couple of weeks to just run for fun. Basically to build up my miles a little and adjust to the heat and just run at whatever pace my body felt like going. It has been about 8 miles every day and the pace has varied a little. Last Friday I decided last-minute I wanted to turn that run into a tempo. I was feeling really good and it was one of my best tempos that I have run.

It was 8 miles:

mile 1: 8:21

mile 2: 8:15

mile 3: 7:55

mile 4: 7:54

mile 5: 7:51

mile 6: 7:59

mile 7: 7:39

mile 8: 6:57

Just 1 mile that wasn’t a negative split!!!!!

Today I did 8 easyish miles and threw in a fast finish last mile at a 7:18 pace.


I also have a new hip attachment! I have been noticing a few signs that I am just not drinking enough (aside from the fact that I just know by how much I am drinking that it is not enough). These hot days have been very sweaty runs and I have been finishing them feeling good, but very, very thirsty. So this cute little water bottle will be going with me wherever I go :).


I am just starting to look at the calendar to start working on a training plan for my upcoming races!!!!! I am doing the Bird in Hand Half Marathon in PA on Sept 6th (11 weeks away), so that is my next training cycle.  Then the Richmond Marathon on Nov 15th (21 weeks away). I am pretty sure (as long as he can get through his injury) that my husband is doing both of these with me too! My kids are going to do their first 5k the night before the 1/2.

The runner in me wants to try to up my mileage a little for the marathon training. I know I have to be careful with this though because my body seems to not like when I get past the mid 50’s. I have also read a few articles recently (one in particular) about cross training that makes me want to try spinning.

This week we have had Vacation Bible School at our church and it has been a blast! We have had a bunch of kids and they all seem to be having a great time…who wouldn’t with kickball, tug of war and potato sack races :)! It is definitely making this week just fly by! We have one more night of it tonight and then on Friday night we are doing a big cookout and awards ceremony :)!

Courtney having some fun at VBS….

DSC_0004    DSC_0025

My husband even dressed the part as he talked about how the Bible has impacted our country and how some great leaders have relied on God.


And just for fun, a picture of summer of favorite summer goodies 🙂 ….we have been going through fruit like crazy!!!! Something about warm weather + fruit = a perfect combo!!!!!!



Tell me something good about your week?

When is your next race?

Do you like to cross train and if yes what is your favorite way?….I really want to know your answer to this :)!


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    Nice job on your tempo!
    I used to be all about spinning 🙂 I still like it a lot, but I tend to change my schedule around each time I start a new training plan, and with this summer’s plan, spin class just didn’t fit in (so I’ve doubled up on body pump instead). I plan on going back to it in the fall or winter though, it’s a fun way to get a great cardio workout in.

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    Great tempo run! I started strength training about 2 months ago. I finally feel like I have adapted to it! I am running my first marathon in October and am using the Run Less Run Faster training plan. I will be doing lots of spinning for my cross training. Looking forward to the variety! Your fam is adorable, btw!

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