Running non-necessities that are necessities and money saving tips!!!

Happy Tuesday…by the way, where is June going!!!! This month is flying by!!!!

I want to start out by thanking Carly at Fit Fine Day for featuring me on Fit Mama Friday!!! You can find the link HERE

Doing this feature gave me the idea for today’s post. It reminded me of all the “non-necessities” of running that now I consider necessities.


It is kinda like when you try to remember what in the world you ever did before you had a GPS for you car!!!!

I also wanted to throw in some money saving tips for these items too because we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees and it is always nice to save some money :)!

#1. Nice shoes! This ranks #1 in importance too. Sure, you can run on cheap shoes that you get at Kohl’s and I did that for years, but you are WAY better off going to a running store and being fitted for the right type of shoe.  The shoes that you find at Kohl’s are not the same as the ones you will find in a running store and they are less expensive for a reason. You will always find someone who can also get away with wearing their running shoes for years, till they have holes, running them totally into the ground….but that is not most people and I would definitely not recommend trying it!

MONEY SAVING TIP- Find out what your right shoe is and then check Running Warehouse or Road Runner Sports for a deal. Sometimes you can get a good deal at your local running store and some stores offer a discount when you bring in old shoes! Once you find your shoe, you can also buy several pairs when they come out with the next model and go on sale. For example, my Saucony Guide 6’s are $65 right now at Running Warehouse because they just came out with the 7…stock up time!!!!


#2. The right clothes. Right now that means light weight and colored, wicking running tops. Remeber all those cotton t’s that we all used to run in…don’t :)! Technical fabrics pull moisture away from your body, keeping you cooler. Avoid clothes that are 100 percent cotton. Cotton fabrics absorbs sweat, which weighs down the clothing and can cause chafing. Dark colors also absorb the suns heat and will cause you to overheat much faster!

MONEY SAVING TIP- You don’t have to buy brand name…look at Kohl’s, or a store like TJ Maxx. Another great place to find these is ebay! You can find like new nice running tops for a fraction of the price. Another thing I do is buy ahead. At the end of a season when stuff gets drastically marked down, I buy a few things for next season. I just bought some really nice winter things for a fraction of the original price!!! I actually got a lot of my favorite Saucony tops at the end of the season last year for $8-$10!!!! I don’t dry my running tops so they will last longer.


#3. Socks! This ranks right up there with shoes. Remember those thick cotton Nike socks we all had…no more! They make some awesome running socks out there that your feet will love! My favorites are Feetures and PRO Compression

MONEY SAVING TIP- There is no real money-saving tip here…you may just have to bite the bullet and drop $10 on a pair of socks :/. I always find a coupon code for 40% off for PRO Compression and Feetures will run sales sometimes where you get a free pair of socks. I also will ask for them as a gift…birthday, Christmas ect :).


#4. Garmin!!!! I love my Garmin, don’t know what I did without it! Even if you are not that concerned about pace it is great for knowing distance.

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MONEY SAVING TIP- These are a bit pricey, but worth it to me! Look for just what you need on it to save some money….you can drop A LOT of money on one of the more complex models! They do make a basic simple Garmin (the Garmin 10) that will meet the needs of a lot of runners. You can also get models that include heart rate monitors…it all just depends on what you are looking for. You could take a chance and look on ebay for this…definitely check sellers feedback and know the risk. They also have online runner’s swap shops where you could probably find one. This is another good gift idea :).

#5. Sunglasses- I actually use mine in the summer and winter!..snow is bright and causes a glare :). These don’t have to be super expensive but make sure they are for athletics and are lightweight. You also want to make sure they block out 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays. It is probably best to try a pair on before you buy them to make sure they fit your face right.

MONEY SAVING TIP- A lot of expos will run deals on sunglasses. You can look on Ebay but I suggest having tried them on somewhere first to make sure it is something that fits you. Running Warehouse and Road Runner Sports also offer great deals.

#6…Female only one…..A good sports bra! It is all about comfort and you just have to find what you like. My favorites are Nike Pro bra and Oiselle strappy bra.

MONEY SAVING TIP- If you find one you like and it goes on clearance, stock up! I bought a lot of my Nike ones when they were getting new designs in and mine went on sale. Don’t dry them!!!! This will make them last quite a bit longer!!! I have quite a few of them, but mine have lasted for a long time and still are in excellent shape!!!


To me, these are the most important things. If you are new to running and just getting started, these are the things I would start with!


Here are a few other things that are nice to have right now

NICE-TO-HAVE STUFF…some summer specific

1. Nathan hand-held water bottle. I have one, but rarely use it. I hate carrying things when I run, but with the heat this is a necessity for a lot of runners. If it gets really hot I will I think this is the best way to carry water. I have also set drinks in places I will pass by ahead of time so I don’t have to carry a water bottle.

2. Runningluv. I love these!!!! They are perfect for keeping sweat out of my eyes and affordable. They hold up and wash well and the owners of this company are just super nice people too!!!!

3. VegaSport Recovery Accelerator and Nuun. I have been trying to pay attention to my recovery, and these have both been very beneficial in that area… although I would not consider them necessary. I run around 45-55 miles on an average week and the Vega has been great for my muscles and the Nuun great for hydration and electrolyte balance.


4. Ipod- this totally depends on the person. Some people can’t run without music, others can’t stand running with music! I fall somewhere in the middle :). Sometimes I like to have it and other times I don’t. I will also do audiobooks and podcasts. Sometimes, if I am really not in the mood to run, but have a long run on schedule a good audiobook is all I need to get me out the door…..and once I get started I am good :).

5. SPIBelt – I also do not like thing around my waist so I only use this for races…. actually only marathons. I want to forget it is there and this brand worked the best for me.


What are some of your favorite running must-haves :)…

Anyone else think summer is flying by WAY too fast?!


  1. says

    Oh my gosh I think you totally hit ALL of them! I was just thinking that I have to STOP buying running tops since I mostly just wear a sports bra these days anyway!! It’s soooo hard though. I’m also loving the VEGA recovery mix you sent my way…I already ordered more! In this heat, I need proper recovery – at least that’s what I’m telling myself 🙂
    I’m also bummed that you have no money saving tip about socks because really? They are beyond expensive but so needed!!
    Love this post!!

    • Jen says

      I have looked for great deals on socks and they are just not to be found :)…I even tried ebay but they are the same price or more new and used…. is just not happening here :)! These make great stocking stuffer’s for running friends!! I have some running friends that if they need a little encouragement or a little gift or something I will buy them a pair of running socks :)…anyone who runs understands how fun it is to get new socks! Thanks!!! I think it is funny to think back to a time when I ran in cheap shoes, cotton t-shirts and socks and no Garmin :)…now there are all these super cool running essentials

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