Birthday Salad & 3 F’s

Yes, I officially have the best husband!!!! He went to Wildfire and got us my favorite chop salad for dinner for my birthday! I am now officially 34 years old…where has the time gone!

When we moved to Iowa from Chicago, we moved away from the restaurant that has my absolute favorite salad. Then when we moved to MD I discovered there was a Wildfire not too far from DC, where my husband has meetings sometimes….like today! I am actually not a huge salad eater…but this salad is amazing!!!! Whenever I visit friends in Chicago we always go for this salad at Wildfire :)…YUM!


Then there was this present from my sweet girls 🙂


And my parents are making sure I am properly hydrated by sending me this cool gift!!!!



Yesterday we have Strawberry Fest night at our church. I have never seen so many ways to make strawberries unhealthy :)….but it sure was good! The best part hands down was the chocolate fountain!


I made a strawberry pizza…Yum!



Now that we have had a food fix, let’s talk about running. The last two weeks I have really just worked on 2 things. Focus and finishing fast….3 F’s 🙂

One thing I have been wanting to work on is my focus, my mental game. Focusing on the mile that I am in and not thinking about the whole run. I have a tendency, even in training, to go out fast worrying about my overall pace for that run. I want to instead take it a mile at a time, the 1st mile of a training run should not be one of my faster miles!!!

I have also ended every run I have done for the last two weeks with the last mile being the fastest. This is almost always not the case for me, but something that I think will really help come race day!

These are 2 things that I want to continue to work on throughout this training cycle.


What is your favorite fruit? Anyone else love chocolate fountains?

What is something you are working on this training cycle?

When is your birthday?


  1. says

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    Strawberries are sooo good, but if I had to pick a favorite fruit, it would be a banana. Maybe because they go so well with peanut butter 😉
    That’s a great idea to end every run with your last mile being the fastest! I may need to borrow that, because I tend to start out way too fast as well- and I definitely don’t want to keep that habit around for race day.

  2. says

    That is awesome!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    It’s so hard to just focus on one mile at a time, isn’t it? I’ve gotten better about not going out too fast but still…
    Hope you have a great birthday and that you get in a great run too…of course!

  3. Deanne Allen says

    HAppy belated birthday!!! Hope you had a great one. Wishing you all the blessings God has to offer this birthday year.Cheers!!

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