Training Update & keeping kids motivated

Just over 7 weeks to go until the Bird in Hand Half marathon!!!! I must say that I was super excited to see that this race has been awarded the top 10 in cool race medals by Runner’s World!!!!

The Coolest Race Medals


The way that they set this race up is super fun! The 5k, which my girls are doing, is the night before. Before the 5k they have a hot air balloon launch and then after they have a bonfire and s’mores party! Then the next day is the half marathon which also has a hot air balloon launch before it! I am really looking forward to this!!!

I have added some speed and hill workouts to my training. For this training cycle I am doing 1 stress workout (speed/hills), 1 long run, 3 in-between easy and hard (for me that is about 7:50-8) runs of about 6-8 miles, and 1 easy run (anywhere from 8:20-8:50). I am trying to run a chunk of my miles at closer to marathon pace and see how that works for me. I am doing this knowing that if I really feel like I need to slow up a day or two than I will and not stress out about it. I want to get my body comfortable going at that pace and see what happens. There are so many different plans and different approaches to training out there! Some say run less, some say run more, some say run slower, some say run at marathon pace, some take days off, some do not take days of….ect ect. I really think it is all about finding what works for you at any given time.

I have been doing my stress workout on Tues. Last Tues was hills, yesterday was mile repeats.

I was pretty pleased with how it went! I did a 2 mile warm up (8:03, 8:01) and then did 4 mile repeats on the roads with a 200m walk break in between. They were 6:25, 6:21, 6:31, and 6:32. It was pretty hot and humid out too. Ideally, I would like to turn that 200 walk break into a 400 jog….but I really just wanted to walk. My legs felt good…my breathing was a bit of a struggle…but the short walk break was all that I needed to catch my breath.


I just got a new iPhone (compliments of ebay) after having had my other one smashed. I decided to just get one on ebay and take a chance rather than shell out a ton of money because my plan is not up.

Note to self…if you let your kids play at the park after a run with them…don’t set your phone on your car! So far it seems great…but the camera has a hard time focusing…note the blurry picture above.

Back to running….today I did an 8 mile easier paced run with the last mile being the fastest.

This week is going to fly by! My parents are visiting for a few days so we have some fun things planned :)…then next week we are spending the week in IL to visit friends and attend a conference. Summer is officially flying by!!!!!

The kids training is also going great! We are taking it slowly, but surely :). They are doing about a mile each time we go.

There are a lot of things you can do to help get your kids motivated to run or do any exercise for that matter. Kids are a lot like adults when it comes to running….they like to be motivated!

Here are a few things that you can do to help motivate your kids

1. Buy them something new for running such as:

socks, a Runningluv, a new water bottle, an outfit, a hat, a watch, new shoes…..all of these are great motivators!!!!

2. Sign them up for a race! Nothing motivates a kid more than the chance to earn a medal!

3. Make a chart. Kids love charts and putting stickers on them. They love feeling like they are accomplishing something…and really, who doesn’t!

4. Be the example. If they see you doing it…they will be more likely to want to. Kids follow what we do way more than what we say!

5.  Push them a little. My kids are not always excited when I say let’s go for a run, but they are almost always glad we did it! It is the same with me though. I do not always get up and have the attitude that I can’t wait to run..some days I just flat-out don’t want to do it….but those are days when the sense of accomplishing a run when I didn’t want to feels great!

6. Start small and build. Start with where they are pretty comfortable and keep building

7. Take a scenic route…..just enjoy being outside!!!!!

8. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just a few tips that I use that might help keep your kids inspired to move!!!


Do you have kids that like to run? How old are they? What do you do to keep them motivated?

What is the coolest race medal you have won?

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