Running while traveling & with friends!

Phew! This past week just flew by!!!! We left bright and early Monday morning for our 12 hour car ride to IL! We had a conference that we were going to while the kids attended a kids camp. The conference was held at the church that we attended while living in IL and it was amazing!!! The theme of the conference was Calvary the Crowning Moment of Grace. To give you a better idea of what it was about some of the workshops titles were: The Battle Begins and Ends with your Thoughts, Find the Abundant Life, When Fiery Darts Come my Way, Utilizing the Talents that God Only Gave to Women, Triumphing in Christ, and Encouragement for the Ups and Downs of the Ministry…..all sound so awesome right! It was really a great week!

I thought it would be fun to give you some tips that I have for running while traveling….because I run and I travel :)!


1. Be prepared!

Pack what you need to run…clothes, shoes, watch, socks, sunglasses, ect. I also suggest having a little bag in the car that has your running stuff because you just never know. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to run in the morning but a later in the day you have a chance. If you don’t have your stuff you will be out of luck.

2. Be flexible.

I always go into traveling knowing that I may have to change up my whole routine. I may or may not get the miles in. I may or may not get in the speed work and it may or may not be at the pace that I had planned. You also may have to do your runs at completely different times than you are used to. My advice is to just go with the flow…embrace some change and have fun with it.

3. Be safe!

If it is a totally new area then I suggest driving out the run first and know where you are going. If you have friends there then ask them where to go. Take your phone!…this will come in handy if you get lost and is just a safe idea.

4. Be social.

If you are going somewhere where you have friends then run or walk with them. This trip was the first time that I ran with another runner that I met through Instagram and it was a blast!!!! It made my long run fly by.

5. Have Fun!!!!!

Visiting new areas can be a blast! Take advantage of that!!!

This last week I really had no idea how my running would go. I knew with the conference that we would be busy so I was thinking that I would have a hard time getting the miles. It ended up being a great week…the only thing I left out was speed! We got to stay with relatives that live right on a nice trail and that was SO nice!!!


Not only did I get all my miles in, but I also got to run with friends and got up early everyday to do it (this will help get back in the habit for when school starts in a few short weeks :)). Another major plus was the lower humidity…it felt SO nice!!!!! Here is what my week looked like: 53 total miles

Monday – 8 early miles and then in the car we went 🙂

Tuesday- 9 early miles on a trail right by where we stayed.

Wed- 8 early trail miles

Thursday- 6 miles with a great friend followed by 2 faster miles on the trail when I got home

Friday- 6 early miles

Sat- early 14 miles with Stephanie….a new friend that I met on Instagram who just happened to be in the area at the same time as me. You can find her here:

I should have taken a picture with her but I am not always thinking about that :)! Then back in the car for 12 hours home.


Pro Compression and DVD’s for the car ride home 🙂



I must say that I do 95% of my running alone and this really doesn’t bother me…I like it. But I REALLY enjoyed having 2 days this week when I ran with someone else. My long run seriously flew by! I was thinking that 14 miles was going to be pushing it…I haven’t done more than 10 since my last 1/2 back in May and it had been a long week of pretty late nights and early mornings, but it really went by so fast and it was so much fun getting to meet a new running friend!

I read this article from Runner’s World about running with others and it was really good and has some great points!

Running Friends are Friends with Benefits


How was your running week?

Have you ever met up with social media running friends?

Do you run alone or with other runners more?

Do you love or hate car rides? – I am definitely not a road trip lover!!!


  1. says

    So glad you had a great running week during your travels – and a bonus that you got to meet up with a social media friend 🙂
    Though running with friends can be nice on occasion, I do nearly all of my miles alone too. I like running alone most of the time though, it gives me time to think or just zone out.
    I’m not a fan of car trips either! Time drags by when I’m in the car!

    • Jen says

      Totally! I wasn’t sure about this 14 miler…but the time just flew by and I totally could have kept going!!!

  2. says

    I run a lot with my boyfriend, its how I started running last year – now more and more I prefer to run on my own. I think i push myself more when run on my own. i don’t mind car rides if i have good music and snacks! 🙂

    • Jen says

      I am guessing it is just fun and a change of pace to do what you don’t normally do. I bet if I always ran with someone that I would enjoy running on my own too! I LOVE snacking on car rides!!! It gives me something to do…the problem is that this car ride was 12 hours…that is a lot of snacking 🙂

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