Thursday’s update and a trail run!

Happy Thursday!


I don’t know about you, but the days are just flying by here…I am not sure why I thought I would have so much more time in the summer…that is definitely not the case!

I thought I would give you a training update since it has been awhile since I did that. I am now 14 weeks away from my full marathon and 4 weeks away from my half. I am pretty excited for both races. I come up with my own training plan for my races. This cycle I have been pretty consistently following this:

Monday: 9 mile run with some fast miles either in the middle or end so I go into my speed or hill work on a little tired legs

Tuesday: Speed (usually mile repeats or hills)


Wed: Easy 8 or 9

Thurs: Easy 8 or 9

Fri: easy 8 or 9

Sat: Long run

So far I have been liking this routine and seeing improvements!

Last Sat we decided to drive to a trail that is about 30 minutes away as a family. My husband and I ran and the girls biked. I had never been to that trail, so I was a really hoping I would like it since we went to the trouble of driving t here…..I loved it!



When I ran in IL I did all my runs on a trail across the street from where I stayed and I think it really helped my knee. When we left for IL I wasn’t having bad knee pain…but it was there. It wasn’t when I ran, but when I did lunges or squatted down…I was just aware there was something there. After 1 week of running on a trail, gone! I feel nothing at all anymore. I am thinking I want to make an effort every once in a while to do some running on a trail!

Sat ended up being 12 miles on the trail. The pace was all over the place because I was running while my girls biked. There was a 10 something mile in there and then we ended on a gradual downhill….great for the bikers, hard for the runner mom trying to keep up. The last 2 miles were at a 7 minute pace.

Monday: I did 9 miles 7:43….Last 3 miles 7:36, 7:30, 7:08

Tues: Hills! I was planning on doing the mountain hill that I found but I decided not to. Instead I did a route with hills in it and just ran at a speedier pace up the hills. The route had 10 hills 4 were 1/4 mile more gradual hills. The others were smaller but steeper. It ended up being 9 miles at an overall 7:54 pace

Wed: 9 miles at an 8:23 pace

Thurs: 8 miles at an 8:06 pace and we are off to the beach!!!!


How is your training going?

Do you run hills?

Do you run more trails or roads? If you do roads (like me) do you ever run trails?



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    Ha haha – gotta love running while the kids bike! I guess you can call that “fartlek” training at it’s best 🙂 It’s great that you can all be together though!! Looks like your training is going SO well and that you’re feeling strong and ready. Cannot wait to see what that half brings you!!!

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    Glad to see training is going well! Do you have a plan laid out for your marathon, or playing it by ear each week?

    I typically run on roads, enjoy it much more. But I do make a point to run on the track or a soft trail at least once a week to reduce the pounding on the joints. I have found this really helps, and changing things up is good for the mind too!

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