First week of school- done. Long run- done!!!!

What a week!!!! I home school my daughters and this was the first week of school for us!!! It is always hard to get back in the swing of things. I must say though, that I do like routine (even though I haven’t been able to get into one yet), and I love the back to school hype!!! The new things we are learning, the new school supplies, the new shoes and clothes…. getting all geared up for a new year is fun for me!!!I can’t believe my girls are already in 5th and 7th grades!!!!!

This year we are tackling a new project which has been fun to and get ready for and figure out. My husband and I are in charge of a home school over sight group. To home school in MD you have to be under an over sight group, whether it be a private school or an approved church. Since we have so many home school families at our church, we went ahead and became an approved over sight group. I am really excited for the coming year….we have such a great group of kids!!!

DSC_0325 DSC_0327

My girls wee SUPER excited to get new computers as aNow  back to school gift from Grandpa and Grandma….who were also here for a quick visit a few weeks ago!!!!! (Thanks Grandpa & Grandma :)!!!!!!!)


Our DC Visit



Now onto running!!!!!

I am 2 weeks away from a 1/2 marathon and 12 weeks from the Richmond Marathon!!!!

This week has been a great week of running for me…the only exception being that I only got out the door early once. To all you runners who get out there in the 5’s…you are amazing! This week my goal is to get to bed earlier so that the early wake-up is not so hard! Somehow we get busy with things and it just gets late! I am also spending time this weekend on a lot of school things so that I am not working on that late either. We’ll see how it works. I am one of those people that always seems to find something to do :).

This weeks running schedule that I had planned out kinda scared me :). I don’t follow a specific running plan. I have come up with my own that is a combination of several different things that I have read and liked. Doing it this was also gives me the liberty to be flexible.

This week I had 6 mile repeats on Tuesday for speed and an 18 miler on Sat. I must say, long runs scare me. My mid-run fueling is not the best, and the distances just kinda scare me. One of the best things I have done to help me with my long runs is to break it up mentally.


For this particular 18 mile run I had a loop that was about 4.5 miles that I repeated 4 times. That made breaking the run up pretty easy. The only down side to this loop was that it was a little hilly and on the roads. A few weeks ago we ran on a trail for a long run and I really liked that. But here is what the week looked like:

Monday: 8.25 miles at 7:58 pace

Tuesday: 2 mile warm up. 6 miles at 6:32 average pace. 5th mile was the slowest at 6:42, last mile was the fastest at 6:27. 1 mile cool down.

Wed.: 9 miles 8:16 pace

Thurs: 8.25 miles 7:58 pace

Fri: 6.5 miles 8:30 pace. I was pretty tired today so I did not let any miles get under 8:25 and I cut it back to 6.5

Sat: 18 miles 8:02 pace. This run felt really pretty good. My last 2 miles were the fastest at 7:36 and 7:27.


Total for the week: 59 miles. I am pretty sure that this is close to as high as I will go mileage wise a week. My longest runs will be 20 miles, and with that I may decrease a few of my other weekly runs.

For my training I am trying to focus on 2 key workouts a week. One being a speed run and the other being the long run. The other runs I am just letting them be at a comfortable pace. For at least a few of them I have also been making sure my last 2 miles are the fastest.  I also take 1 rest day a week.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me and then back at it on Monday!!!!!

How is your training going?

Anyone else fear the long run? What are your tips for getting through it?

Are your kids starting or already started school?! Do you like back to school?




  1. says

    I fear long runs too! I get nervous the night before, and toss & turn in bed. I’m not sure why, because I know I’m capable of doing the miles. I break them up too though – last summer during marathon training, a lot of my runs were on a 5 mile out and back, and it really made the miles much easier to handle mentally 🙂
    Awesome runs this week!

    • Jen says

      I also know that I can do the miles…but for some reason I just really worry about them…way more than I worry about speed. I like the out and back or same loop because I don’t feel like I have to carry something. I usually find a spot to put a water bottle :). Thanks!

  2. says

    Wow – you had a great week of running!!!
    My boys went back to school on August 13 so they are pretty much into the routing now!

    • Jen says

      Thanks….these kind of weeks are good confidence builders :). Oh wow! They have already been in school for a little while! I need to add some of your strength training/core moves to help me out!!!!

  3. says

    The fear is so real! I try to just take it 1 mile at a time because if I think of how many more miles I have left I start to get into my own head.

    I’m thinking about running in the Richmond race as well! I have a half-marathon in a few weeks so I am waiting to see how that one goes =).

    • Jen says

      I hear ya :)! Yay!!!! You should totally do Richmond. I am starting to get excited…well, nervous and excited at the same time! What 1/2 are you doing?

  4. says

    Kick ass long run!!! I think I used to fear them and now I enjoy them. I mean yes, there is still some certain level of fear but not like it used to be. I think the more we do them the more comfortable we get. I also changed my mentality a lot. I go into each long run knowing there will be good miles, there will be miles that I hate, and there will be miles I won’t even remember. Remembering that helps, keeps things realistic.

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