14 Reasons Why I Love My Husband


On this day, 14 years ago, I married the perfect husband. Is he actually perfect in real life?..No of course not, but to me….he is! Here are 14 reasons why I think so :). 1. He loves the Lord with all that he […]

In the trenches of marathon training!


I am now just under 7 weeks away from marathon day….in other words right in the thick of training! This past week was another higher mileage week for me with another 20 mile run. I have always gone with the training philosophy that […]

The ups and downs of running!


Everyone who runs knows that running has its ups and down…kinda like life :). There are “on” days and there are “off” days. There are days where your run feels effortless and amazing, and days when your legs feel like a million pounds […]