Another race on the calendar & a 20 miler in the books

Happy Saturday!!!

I can’t believe how the days are just flying by and it is already September!!!! I also can’t believe how last Sat it was so hot and humid I was getting dehydrated and today is chilly and I wanted to run in long sleeves!

I thought I would throw out some thoughts on what to do when a race doesn’t go the way you hoped…and let’s face it, we all have races like that!

Last Sat was definitely a race like that for me…I did my 20 mile run yesterday at a faster overall pace than my race last week.

I think one of the most important things to do is to keep it in perspective. I choose to focus on the process and the training and not just on the outcome or time. It is just not realistic that every race will be a PR, or even that every race will be a great race.

cameraHere are some things you can do to help get past it…

1. Go ahead, be upset. You worked and trained hard, you are allowed to be bummed…..but then move on! Being bummed about it won’t change the outcome and nobody wants to be around a crabby person.

2. Find the positive….there is ALWAYS positive! Did you get to meet a runner friend, was the course pretty, did you go to the race with your family….if nothing else you became a stronger runner!



3. Analyze the race a little bit and try to learn from it. Look for things that went wrong and ways that you can fix them next time.

More often then not, for me, this list starts with going out too fast. I also have trouble with fuel so sometimes this is an issue. Last week heat was an issue, but that is out of my control. One think I am noticing though is I seem to be sweating more (I have no idea why) and have been thirsty, therefore I am paying more attention to hydration.

4. Evaluate your goals. Change them if you need to. Sign up for another race if you want to (I always want to :)).

And sign up for another race is exactly what I did! 🙂

The Freedom’s Run half on Oct 4th. It is only an hour from my house, it is still good timing in my marathon training to run a half and it sounds like a beautiful course. It is a hilly course, but I am not necessarily going for a PR. I am really focusing on the Richmond full and I would just like to run another half to give myself another chance to try to gauge where I am at for the full. I definitely want this 1/2 to be more even paced and stronger than my last half.

This week I took my training a little easy. I had planned to take Sun and Mon off after my half, but I was really not sore at all so I ran Monday. I did not have a speed or tempo day, but I did hit my highest mileage.

Mon.- 8.25 miles @ 7:45 pace. This was set to be an easy run…but I just felt like running a bit harder.

Tue.- Thurs- 8.25 miles each day right around an 8 minute pace

Friday- 20 miles!!!! @ 8:01 pace. This was a last-minute decision. I was going to do my long run on Sat, but decided it would work for me to do it early Friday morning so I did. I am really happy with this run except for the fact that my last 2 miles were 2 of my slowest miles.  I carried small handheld water bottle for the second half of this long run, but it was gone by mile 17 and I was pretty thirsty the last 2 miles. I also tried a new GU flavor and did not like it so this run was done on 1/2 a GU.


Sat. 8.5 easy miles (8:28 pace)

I love that I have a 20 miler done for this cycle and would like to do 1 or 2 more. For all of my other marathons I have only done 1 20 mile run per cycle.

I also got this fun thing that I am super excited to try out!!!!


If you want to hear something really cool…….








Jenny Simpson wins the 5th Ave Mile in 4:19….UNBELIEVABLE!!! Ready for more….

Jordan McNamara wins for the men in 3:51. Just amazing!

What do you do to help you get through a bad race?

Who is having cooler weather?…I saw there was snow in South Dakota…I would cry if I lived there!


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    Killer 20 lady!!! Nice work! You are going to love the spiralizer, I love making Zuchini noodles with mine!

    The weather has been cooler here lately, which has been a nice change. Hoping it stays that way for Sunday’s marathon, I’m not in the mood to deal with a scorcher!

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