ZOOMA & Freedoms Run

I am super excited to announce that I am a ZOOMA Annapolis ambassador!!!!


I don’t usually ever have races planned out this far in advance…but I do for this one. I ran the Zooma Annapolis half this past May and loved it. I knew I wanted to do it again next year, so I applied for the ambassador program and….I’m in!

This is a BEAUTIFUL race and I would love to see you there!!! You can use the code JEN15 to get 10% off either the half marathon or 10k!


Tomorrow is the Freedom’s Run 1/2 Marathon for me :). This was a last-minute add-in to my Richmond Marathon training. It is raining now…but I think (I am praying) it is going to end tonight. From the pictures this looks like a very pretty and historic (although quite hilly) course.


I am going for a strong well run race to give me a better idea of pacing for my full. I REALLY want to negative split this race. I keep telling my husband that I am not going to go out too fast…although I am not sure that he believes me :).

Because I have this half tomorrow I laid off of the speed after my tempo run on Tuesday.

Tues- 8 miles 7:11 pace with a mile cool down

Wed- 9 miles 7:58 pace

Thurs- 9 miles 8:03 pace

Fri- 6 miles 8:19 pace

I have been using my new watch and I LOVE it!!!!!! …it is charging up for tomorrow 🙂


Anyone else racing this weekend? If not are you running a long run?

Hills…love em or hate them?

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