How to handle a “bad” workout & vacation!!!!!

The dreaded “bad” workout. I had one of these on Wednesday. It was going to be my last really tough speed workout of this cycle. I had planned to do 3×2 miles around a 6:30-6:35 pace. After my warm up, I knew this was going to be a hard day, but I have also had some of my best workouts on hard days. Not this time. First set was 6:40 and 7:04, at which point I decided to stop the scheduled workout and just run at an easy pace. This has really been my first failed speed work of this cycle, so I can’t complain, but these runs are disappointing. They leave you questioning your training. Am I ready? Am I overtraining? Do I need to push harder or take a day off?
In marathon training it can be hard to find a balance between the right amount of miles, speed, and rest that works for your body, and helps you continually make gains.
In the quest for this balance, it is inevitable that in your typical 16-20 week training plan there will be off days. There are a few reasons why these days occur.
First, there is always life factors. Illness, lack of sleep, and stress are just three things that come to my mind.
There is also accumulated fatigue. Basically, this is just small amounts of fatigue that carry over from one workout to the next until your body says enough!
Then there are just “those” days. There seems to be no real reason for why you can’t complete the workout other than your legs just won’t.
While these runs can be disappointing, it is important to remember that they are just part of it. They are part of what makes the great runs so great.
When you have these runs, the best thing to do is to take a step back and look at your training. If you notice that it could be from accumulated fatigue or illness then have enough confidence in your training to take a day off….your body will thank you!
If there is no rhyme or reason that you can come up with for the off workout, then consider it a small bump in a long road. Don’t dwell on it, don’t look back at it, just look forward and focus on what lies ahead!
One thing that made it easy for me to take my mind off of this workout was vacation!!! We left Wednesday night and drive part of the way to FL and finished the drive Thursday.
This mornings run with beautiful views of Palm trees was amazing!!! Monday we are spending the day at Disney and I am have a few other fun So here’s my advice….when you have a bad workout, take a vacation :)….or better yet spend a day at Disney!!!
How do you handle a bad workout?
Where do you go for vacation?

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    If only I could take a vacation after every bad workout 😉
    I love what you said about having enough confidence in your training to take a day off. Before I finally gave in and took this summer off from following a training plan, my confidence was exactly what kept me from taking a day or two away from my plan. I was confident that a missed workout would drown any chance at the race going the way I hoped. I’m so glad I finally learned that time away is a good thing – for both body and mind.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your vacation 🙂 I’d love to be running under palm trees right about now!

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    I don’t even know any more! Bad workouts are really discouraging. But, I try to tell myself that NEXT week I should find a good one and redeem myself! Ha! 🙂

    We haven’t been able to do much vacationing, because my husband owns his own business. It is hard to get away. Last we went to Ohio to visit the fam. SOME day we will do Disney with the kiddos. Have a GREAT time!!!

    BTW, I finally updated my blog! Race recap!

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    Bad workouts happen but you know what I always remind myself- better today than on race day! SO great you were able to be on vacation for this though- that would definitely make it better! Home stretch to Richmond- you’ve got this girl!

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