3 days!!!!!! Race week is HERE!

I have been terrible about posting here the last few weeks….basically, my blog has just taken a back seat to life.

First of all, we went on such an amazing vacation…

IMG_0433[1]       IMG_0431[2]

Magic Kingdom for a day :)!!!!

IMG_0450[1]       DSC_0108

Dolphin watching 🙂




…and then my husband and I got to be a part of a great conference, and now here we are…..3 days out from Richmond!!!!!


It is amazing to me how fast time just flies by! When you start a marathon training program 18 weeks seems like such a long time, but then by the time you get to end of the cycle it seems to have gone by so fast!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while. My husband and I turned this weekend into an anniversary weekend :). We head for Richmond on Friday!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to go to the Goodwill to look for throw away clothes for the start….30 degrees is a bit chilly for me!

Then all that is left to do is pack and we are ready!

I really think this training cycle has been a good one for me…we’ll see how race day pans out! I have learned that good training cycles do not always guarantee a good race, but I also know that the outcome of the race is not all that matters!

So, Happy Race Week!


Definitely EXCITED!!!!!

Who else is racing this week?

What are some of your favorite workouts in a training cycle?

Anyone else amazed at how fast training cycles go by….okay, maybe not during them, but after?



  1. says

    I am going through my old sweats right now to wear that AM too. High of 46 that morning! Brrr…. I would LOVE to try to meet up. Unfortunately, I am leaving right after the race to head up to Maryland for a baby shower that starts at noon.
    Need a recommendation for dinner out Friday though?

  2. Jen says

    Brrr is right, I have already decided I am just going with long sleeves……but I would rather it be cold than raining.
    Are you going to the expo at all?
    That’s funny, right after the race we are headed home to MD :). I think we are going to eat in :)…the hotel we are staying at has a kitchen :). I am hoping that parking is not too hard on Sat though….I think our hotel is about 10 min away.

  3. says

    Good luck!!!! You are ready so trust in your training and just run your pace. You got it girl!!!! Can’t wait to see how your whole experience is 🙂

  4. says

    Good luck!!! I can’t believe the expected weather this weekend after such a warm Monday and Tuesday!
    I have a half marathon on Sunday, but am just running it for fun, so no time goals 🙂

    • Jen says

      I KNOW!!!!! It’s really ok…I just keep telling myself that :)!!! At least it isn’t raining or in the single digits like some places….but seriously a nice 55 degrees would have been great!

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