A rough recovery, what we’ve been up to and what’s ahead!

I feel like it has been so long since I wrote my last post…and it kind of has been. Life has been so busy lately. I have started several posts, but just couldn’t seem to get one finished.


It has now been 4 weeks since the marathon. The Richmond Marathon basically went better than I hoped it would. It was just one of the races where everything went right!

The recovery, on the other hand, has been another story.

I consider myself to be a easily motivated person. I very rarely take an unplanned rest day. I generally love to run whether I am training for a race or not. I may change a planned distance or speed, but I typically don’t have much trouble getting out the door. These past few weeks have been different. I actually think that this is the first time in the 18 years that I have been running that I have taken multiple days off for no other reason than I didn’t want to run. Since the marathon my runs have gone something like this:


Week 1:

Mon and Tues- off

Wed- 2 miles jog/walk

Thurs- 4 easy miles

Fri- 5.5 easy miles

Sat- 6.5 easy miles

Week 2: Mon-Sat 6-6.5 easy miles each day….

By Sun I was so ready for a day off. My legs felt tired and the motivation just wasn’t there. I ended up taking Mon- Wed off too. I could have run. I am not injured. I just didn’t want to.

By Thursday I was ready to run again.

Thurs-Sat: 7.5 easy miles.

Last week I got up to 8.5 miles. For now I am just sticking with easy miles and enjoying the break. I think sometimes the body just says, you pushed me hard and now I am taking a break whether you like it or not!

So what’s ahead as far as running goes?……good question

I am thinking for the spring I want to focus on the shorter distances. I have some goal times in the 5k and in the half that I would love to get. I would love to break 20 minutes in the 5k and 1:30 in the half.

I am already for sure doing the ZOOMA Annapolis half in May (you can use this code for 10% off this race: JEN15). I probably won’t look for another race until St Patty’s day. I really just don’t feel ready to “train” yet.

As far as the marathon goes…..we signed up for Richmond again in Nov. and I am excited for that. I think that will be my only marathon in 2015. I love the marathon, but it is a lot of training. I feel like my 3:19 will be very hard for me to beat without adding more training…and that is not really something I want to do now. I do not want my training to be all consuming. I am going to work for a 3:15, which I think is doable. My first marathon was in 2011 and I finished in 3:51. It was something I wanted to do once and just kind of check of my list of things I wanted to do (isn’t that how it is with everyone)?…….but as soon as I finished (ok, maybe it was the next day) I knew I wanted to do another one. 3 years later, I have done 6 marathons and being coached by myself, have gotten my time to 3:19. I am very happy with that. I love running and pushing myself, but there are also a lot of other things that I love to do.

As for what we have been up to…..

We had a great Thanksgiving with a family from our church. All of our family is far away and we saw both my parents and my husbands last month.

Cooking!!!!! I have never been a huge fan of cooking, I am definitely more into baking. Getting this awesome package in the mail from SIZZLEFISH got me super motivated to hunt for some good recipes (to come later). Along with the fact that it is a new year and who doesn’t want to eat better in the coming year?!


AND….my gift to you…..$10 OFF YOUR ORDER FROM SIZZLEFISH!!!!!!

TRISIZ for $10 off

The fish came perfectly packed in a nice little cooler with dry ice. If you are looking for a last minute gift to send someone you love this is perfect!!!!!

We had a great time at a Hymn Sing we had at our church with a missionary family.

We put on a Christmas play at our church. This was SO fun and everything went great. My girls spent a lot of time practicing and helped paint the set. We had a very talented lady from our church make all the costumes and they turned out so nice! We also made bags of cookies to pass out to everyone that attended :). (don’t you wish you were there).

I got to be the make up artist :)…here is the before and the after…

SONY DSC                  DSC_0203

Alyssa and her friend Lori made great angels


The wise men…these were my favorite costumes


The whole crew


Courtney had her first violin recital and did great!


And then your typical getting ready for Christmas. Putting up the tree, making Christmas decorations, cookie baking, shopping and getting out Christmas cards. I am really looking forward to our Christmas Eve Candlelight service next week!!!!!

We are decorating cookies and gingerbread houses with our home school group on Friday :). I am having a lot of fun planning a bunch of Christmas crafts to do with the kids next week ….thank you Pinterest for all the great ideas! I also found some really good cookies recipes on Pinterest that I will have to share (so far the snickerdoodles are my favorite). Tomorrow we are trying a new sugar cookie recipe.

SO that has been my month in a nutshell :)…


Tell me something going on in your life?

Ever have a hard time with running after achieving a big goal?

Done Christmas shopping?

Are you more of a cooker or a baker?



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