The Miles and Blessings of 2014- Part 2- The Miles

Ah, the miles of 2014!!! There were so many of them…some easy and fun, and some hard and painful…but they all added up to a great year! I think applying this quote to running pretty much sums it up!


I am terrible at keeping track of my mileage. This is the second year that I have attempted it and failed (usually by mid February too). I am trying again in 2015 so just keep asking me how it is going :). If I had to throw a number out there though I would guess it was about 2,350. That is probably pretty close too, give or take 50 miles.

I ran 6 races; 1 5k, 4 1/2 marathon’s and 1 marathon.

My marathon was a big marathon PR!!!!

My girls both ran their first 5k!!!!

We moved from a fairly flat area to a fairly hilly area so that changed the race dynamic slightly :). Gotta love those hills!


The races looked like this:

Celtic 5k in my new home town: 21:09. This was my first race in Maryland and my first taste of what some of the hills in this area are like.

Garden Spot 1/2 Marathon in April- 1:37

Annapolis Zooma 1/2 marathon in May- 1:37

Bird in Hand 1/2 Marathon in Sept- 1:47- this was by far the hardest and worse race that I have ever run!….but there are lessons to be learned in everything

Freedom 1/2 marathon- 1:35:06

Richmond Full Marathon – 3:19:09- Definitely my best race of the year!

The races in pictures…..

DSC_0756              DSC_0769      DSC_0781


IMG_0221[1] Loved getting to meet LAURA

DSC_0993        Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

DSC_1385            DSC_1404

IMG_0264[1]         IMG_0284[1]

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I am really looking forward to all that 2015 has to bring. I am excited to work towards some new PR’s and have a lot of fun running with my family also!

So far 2015 has started off a little bumpy as far as running goes….but I am feeling really good now and today’s 7.5 mile run at a 7:48 pace was just what I needed to get me motivated!!!


I also am excited to share this: I am a huge fan of Nuun and thrilled to share it!


Who keeps track of their miles for the year?

Who else loves Nuun? If you haven’t tried it yet…you must!


  1. says

    I’m not a mileage tracker either! This year I’m actually making an attempt to, but we’ll see if I keep up with it after my marathon 🙂
    What an awesome year – esp your Richmond race! Hopefully 2015 brings with it equally fun times and some new PRs! & Congrats on the Nuun ambassador!

    • Jen says

      I start out doing good keeping track and really for the most part I am around 45 miles per week (I did have a lot of weeks in the 50’s and several at 60 during my highest marathon training), but when things get busy I just stop keeping good records and run. I love seeing how some runners can post their exact mileage, I am giving it another shot!
      I am hoping for a new 1/2 marathon PR this year so we’ll see what 2015 brings!!! I will have to keep checking with you to see what races you are running and maybe we can meet up at a race this year! You should do Zooma Annapolis…I have a 10% off code if you want!

  2. says

    Hi Jen,
    I just found your blog 🙂
    Congrats on your 3:19 PR!! That is so, so awesome!

    I have never tracked my yearly miles before and I am going to try it this year. I think it would be great to see all the miles at the end of the year.

    I haven’t tried Nuun yet (I can’t believe it), but heard it is great. I am excited to try it! Congrats on becoming an ambassador!

    Have a great weekend.

    • Jen says

      Hey Natalie! I’m so glad you stopped by! I was really happy with my marathon….thanks. I checked out your blog too…your kiddos are so cute! I am so sorry about your injury, that is SO rough!!! What state do you live in? I did a quick check on your blog but didn’t notice it. Have a great weekend and stay warm if you live somewhere cold :).

    • Jen says

      Thanks!!!! That is so exciting that you are getting RRCA certified…I have been thinking about doing, but like you said they fill up so fast! I should join you and Courtney when you run in DC sometime…I am about 1 hour 15 min away 🙂

  3. says

    Wow Jen! You had a really amazing year of racing and running. And really, wasn’t it that much sweeter that your huge PR came after that awful race? You’re so right about ‘lessons’ to be learned.
    I usually don’t really keep track of my mileage but, I have a new journal this year and two marathons lined up so something tells me I’ll know all too well my total mileage for 2015!

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