The Miles!

With the spring race season coming up the training has begun :). It is so exciting and motivating to read about the training that others are doing!


Last week was my first week officially training. When I am not training I pretty much run whatever distance I feel like at whatever pace feels comfortable. When I am training I will usually do 1 speed day, 1 tempo day and a long run.

It has been a good 2 1/2 months since I have done speed work so that made me a little nervous. I wasn’t sure how to get back into it and I wasn’t sure what type of paces I should expect.

Here is what the last week and a half have been:

Mon- I did my first speed workout. I did it on the track to make it a little easier to get into. I did a descending ladder : 1600 (6:25), 1200 (6:35 pace), 800 (3:13), 400 (1:31) with a 3 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down

Tues- 8 miles 7:50 pace

Wed- 7.5 miles 8:06 pace

Thurs- 8.3 miles 8:17 pace

Fri- 8 mile Tempo run- 7:50, 7:41, 7:23, 7:12, 7:15, 7:03, 7:03, 6:53

Sat- long run 12 miles- 7:58 pace

Mon- 8.26 miles 8:01 pace

Tues- Speed work. I did 3 mile repeats on the road and they went better than I wanted for sure! 2 mile warm up 7:40 pace, 3 x1 mile, cool down 7:52 pace. 6:19, 6:14, 6:15.


I really did not want to do this speed work, but I am so glad I did! I was totally thinking it was going to snow a lot and that would be my excuse….but the snow pretty much missed us. We only got about 2″ and the roads were totally clear. I decided I would let myself wear a new pair of my favorite shoes that I was saving for the spring to help motivate me :).


Whose training?! How is it going?

What race are you training for?


  1. says

    I hear you on the speed work! It makes me nervous every time but afterward I always feel so good and so glad I did it. I think we need it to keep the fear in our running!! Glad to hear the storm missed you because it hit us hard!! I think I’ll be on the treadmill today…but I only have a recovery run (5 mi) and then jump in the pool 🙂

  2. says

    Ok, why have I never been to your site before?! Now I’m here and looking forward to following you!

    I haven’t done speed work in more than a year, but I need to start thinking that way again. It will be a shock to my system, to be sure. I have a feeling you will have no problem getting back in the groove.

    • Jen says

      I know!!! I know I have been on your site, but I think it was a while ago…I didn’t realize you were so close. I saw your comment on Allie’s page about being in MD :). They cancelled school here to Monday and Tuesday…I have no idea why :). I can’t wait to catch up on your blog! I love that you do that boys running group :)! That is such a great idea!. Speed work is one of those things that is kinda scary, but then you are so glad you did it! I bargain with myself all the time going into speed :). Yesterday I told myself “just do the 1st mile and see how that goes…okay, that went really good now do another 1 and it doesn’t have to be as fast just do the best I can…. okay, now just 1 more mile”.

  3. says

    Even when I’m training and doing speedwork regularly I still get nervous when I know it’s coming up!! Great job launching yourself back into it. 🙂 I’m yet to pick something to race to help me feel more like myself/lose baby weight after this new little one arrives, but I’m like you, reading about other people’s training makes me excited!

    • Jen says

      Once you pick a race to start training for that will definitely help motivate you…for now you have more important things to worry about :)!!!! I can’t wait to find out if your little one is a boy or girl 🙂

  4. Jen says

    Thanks :). Honestly 8 min miles is my comfort zone…I am trying not to run quite so many miles at that pace to help with recovery :).

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