Training re-cap & the trail ultra!!!

friday 1

Happy Friday!!! I LOVE Fridays!!!! We have had a busy couple of weeks! We picked our girls up last Thursday and they started a volleyball clinic that they are really enjoying! Watching them play really made me want to play! Here is a […]

I just had to share this!


I hope you are having a great weekend!!! We are enjoying some pretty mild February weather. I found this article from RunHaven and just had to share it! It is great :). If you have ever run a marathon or a half marathon […]

Challenge Yourself Don’t Compare Yourself


Running blogs, Instagram,basically social media, can not only be encouraging, but can also be a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to running. Unfortunately, it can also lead us to start comparing ourselves and where we are at to others. It […]

Perspective & Kids running


We had a guest speaker in Sunday School yesterday and he did a great job. He talked about how we see things and the effect that plays on our life. He was relating that to the life of Joseph. Perspective plays such an […]