Challenge Yourself Don’t Compare Yourself


Running blogs, Instagram,basically social media, can not only be encouraging, but can also be a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to running. Unfortunately, it can also lead us to start comparing ourselves and where we are at to others. It might be in speed, or in distance, or how many races we have run. Whatever it may be…..don’t do it!


Comparing yourself to someone else can easily cause discouragement. It will get you nowhere fast. Instead of letting the comparison game get you down, challenge yourself.

Challenge yourself based on your ability and goals that you have for yourself. Let others motivate you without focusing on their time or distance.

Be happy with the successes that you have without worrying about how that step of success compares to someone else’s.

challenge7For me, my success has very little to do with completing a certain distance, or xx amount of races, or even a time on the clock. Do I like to get a PR? Are you kidding? Of course I do! I like to set goals and achieve them. But for me running is also about inspiring others.Β  Inspiring others to want to be better and live better. It is about making friends and encouraging each other. It is about inspiring my kids and their friends to be active and healthy. When my PR days are long behind me, these will be reasons why I still love running!


My kids started training for their Kids Marathon that is in April today. It was the perfect day for it too…42 degrees! For this race they run 25 miles by race day and then the race is 1.2 miles :).


I had a great speed workout yesterday, so today was 8 easy miles for me.

How is your running going this week?

Do you find yourself comparing?


    • Jen says

      It does for me too. Whenever I don’t feel like a run I can always find someone who just finished a hard run or wrote a great motivational post and that helps me get out the door πŸ™‚

  1. says

    Thanks for the reminder! I get sucked into the comparison vortex too sometimes. I need to remember to be proud of my accomplishments and not worry about how they compare to someone else’s. Thanks!

  2. says

    I love this!!! When I first started blogging I really struggled with the whole comparison thing. It took me several months to remember that I was perfectly happy just competing against myself before I started blogging and I should continue to do just that.

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