Training re-cap & the trail ultra!!!

Happy Friday!!! I LOVE Fridays!!!!

friday 1

We have had a busy couple of weeks! We picked our girls up last Thursday and they started a volleyball clinic that they are really enjoying!

IMG_0525[1] Watching them play really made me want to play!

Here is a look at what my training has been like the last 2 weeks…

Mon- 8.55 @ 7:50 pace

Tues- Speed. I did this on a treadmill because it was icy here. I wanted to do 5 x 1200 @ a 6:15-6:18 pace (9.5-9.6) with a >25 mile jog in between. Didn’t quite happen. I did 5 x 1200 @ a 6:23 pace (9.4) and it felt SO hard!

I think I have it figured out though. I think the reason why speed on the treadmill is so hard for me is it forces you to hold a constant pace. When I do it outside I start out fast and fade but it averages. When I started my 1200 I thought it seemed not easy, but doable but the last .25 mile was so hard and I was struggling.

Wed- 8.3 miles @ 8:09 pace

Thurs- We had a full day of picking up our girls, volleyball, then my oldest daughter had tutoring. We left at 4:45 in the morning and did not get home till after 6 so a workout was not happening.

Friday-Sunday- Sick days for me.

Monday- 8.3 miles @ 8:09 pace

Tuesday- 8 miles @ 7:53 pace- This is usually my speed day, but I did not feel ready for it after being sick so I decided if I felt better later in the week I would do it then or skip it this week.

Wednesday- 8.3 miles @7:47 pace

Thursday- 8.3 miles @ 7:55 pace

Friday – I decided I was good to go for speed. 2 mile warm up 2 mile cool down. 4 x 1200 outside with 1:30 minute walk cool down. 4:38 (6:12 pace), 4:39 this was .76 so a 6:09 pace), 4:42 (6:12 pace, this was also .76), 4:41 (6:10 pace).

This work out felt good. For the 3rd and 4th repeat I was sure they would be slower, so it was nice to see that I was keeping it pretty even. By the end of this though my legs were pretty heavy and just done. Doing this outside felt WAY better than doing it on the treadmill!

I am going to say it because if you live anywhere on the east coast I am sure you agree……I am SOOOO ready for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

friday 2

So, there is my last 2 weeks. I have a 5k coming up in 2 weeks!!!!

Tomorrow is my husbands trail ultra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is his first trail race and first ultra! It is a 50k. It is also supposed to be like 8 degrees at the start and it is pretty snowy. Should be fun :)!

That pretty much sums up our Saturday :). We will go cheer him on and then when he is done I will head out for my long run. I can’t wait!

I read this article on SHALANE’S MISSION. SO awesome!!!!! Totally made me want to run Boston!

2014 Boston Marathon Weekend

How is your training going?

Who is training for Boston?!!!

Any trail or ultra advice for my husband?




  1. says

    Jen! You are rocking your speed workouts (sorry you were sick)!! You will be ready to race in 2 weeks!
    I love that you and your husband both run. I haven’t done an ultra yet, but it is on the list. I have a good friend that does tons of ultras and she says eating and drinking are KEY.
    Have a great day and look forward to hearing about the race!! 🙂

    • says

      Thanks :). I haven’t done an ultra either and the thought terrifies me :). I really like the training distances I am doing now so I am not sure an ultra is in my future….I have learned to never say never though.
      It is a bummer the weather has been so rough so it makes this race more challenging. There is a lot of snow so it is going to be a lot tougher than anticipated! It is a smaller trail race…there is a 120 cap.

  2. says

    I feel the SAME WAY about speedwork on a treadmill – tempo runs too! It’s nice to be in control of your own pace outside.
    I hope your husband’s race goes well today (and he keeps warm!) – how exciting, his first ultra!

    • says

      I could not figure out why a slower pace felt so much harder on a treadmill….but I totally think it is that even pace where you have to be still going that pace at the end that makes it harder. Maybe that means it is good for me to do it every once in a while. I also think my gym was a little warm which does not make treadmill running any easier.
      Me too. We are meeting him at the half way point and the finish :). The weather has made it a little harder. There is a decent amount of snow so that just makes it a challenge!

    • Jen says

      I was not so thrilled about the freezing rain that we got yesterday :). He did great!!! I just put up his race re-cap :)! Hope you have a great Monday!!!!

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