A rough start but a great finish to last week

Happy Monday!!!!

What a week last week was! I am really hoping that it was winter’s last hurrah! We really have not had it as bad as some of my east coast friends have, but I am just ready for spring! What I was not ready for Was a whole bunch of ice followed by 12″ of snow!

As far as training goes, the beginning of the week started of rough!

It is not as much about the paces as it was about how those paces felt. It also did not help that on both Tuesday and Wednesday I planned my runs around when it was supposed to rain and sleet and it started early (by 2 hours) both days!

I was planning to do an easy day Monday and speed on Tuesday or Wednesday, but that speed workout did not happen. I feel like I am learning through my years of running when to push and when not to push. I will admit that I don’t always listen….but this week I did. On Wednesday I just decided to forget it and run an easy run and if I could I would do the speed on Friday and if not oh well.

Monday- 8.3 miles @ 8:19 pace

Tuesday- 7.6 miles @ 8:14 pace…it started sleeting 3 miles in 🙂

Wednesday- 8.3 miles @ 8:14 pace….it started raining on and off 🙂

Thursday- I woke up to 4″ of snow….(this is what I saw when I looked out the window)


It was just coming down so I got my treadmill fixed up and used that. By the time I got my treadmill run ready (the belt needed to be lubed aligned and tightened) it was pretty late in the afternoon and I almost said forget it. I ended up really not minding it too much and did 10 miles. I started at an 8:34 pace and went to a 7:48

Friday- I decided to go for speed…on the treadmill because it was still icy out. 1 mile warm up and then I alternated 6 miles of 800’s easy and hard. The hard started at 9.1 and went to 9.8mph on the treadmill and the easy started at 7.2 and went to 7.8mph on the treadmill then 1 mile cool down. I did it all on .5 incline.

Sat- I started the day with 3 miles in Annapolis with an awesome group of Zooma Ambassadors!!!! It was so fun to run with them!

If you want to join me in Annapolis for an awesome run

use the code JEN15 to get 10% off the 10k or the half marathon…it is a GREAT race!!!



Saturday is my long run day so I wanted to get some more miles in so I did a 12 mile run later that afternoon. I felt really good about this run. The sun was out and it was beautiful! I did 12 miles @ 7:31 pace. That is faster than I should be doing a long run but it wasn’t a super long run and I wanted to push the pace a little :).

Mileage: 57.2

One fun things about the snow was the sledding party we had with the kids on Friday :). My husband and I usually do a home school gym class with a bunch of kids on Fridays and the snow was perfect for a sled day!

DSC_0414 Alyssa with a few friends


Courtney wiping out!


Some of the kids forming a sled train 🙂

This week I see temps in the 60’s and I am SOOOO excited!!!!! I have a 5k on Sat, so that will be fun too!!!

Who got more snow?

Are you going at knowing when not to push it?

Anyone running Zooma Annapolis?!


    • Jen says

      I am pretty good about knowing too…it is just a matter of listening to what I know I should do :). I love being an ambassador for Zooma!!! SO much fun!!!

  1. says

    yep, that’s pretty much how this winter has been but the warmer temps are coming!!! Nice pace on the 12 miler – really great work Jen! Keep it up:-)

    • Jen says

      Seriously 50 feels like this crazy heat wave!!! My daughter wanted to wear a tank top outside yesterday! 🙂 Thanks :)….some days it just feels great!

  2. says

    I think last week was the first week we’ve had without snow here in western NC. Looks like y’all know how to enjoy the snow!! It’s been a pain to get training in. We also had to fix our treadmill up for running. Our motor belt was toast so that had to be replaced. Running belt tightened. I was beginning to think it’d never work again lol but thankfully my husband is a miracle worker so training continued uninterrupted!! I’m in week 9 of marathon training. Only 7 more weeks to go!! Right now I’m in the thick of it where training is feeling extremely tough between working full time on my feet all day and running 50+ miles now.

    • Jen says

      Hi Jess….I am excited to check out your blog :)!!! I was really thinking I was going to make it through the winter without fixing up the treadmill :)…oh, at least it is ready to go if I need it. Just keep thinking about the awesome feeling of crossing the finish line through these tough weeks!!! :). Which marathon are you doing?!

  3. says

    Jen, that is awesome that you ended the week with 57 miles!! Way to go!
    Nice work on the 800s on the treadmill – you are going to be so ready for the 5k! 🙂

    • Jen says

      You did?! I’m sorry…you need to redeem yourself :)!!!!! I did it last year and must say it wasn’t my best performance race wise…but it was a really pretty race. The bridge was rough for me and it was windy, but I did love the race!

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