1st race of the season re-cap!

My first race of the season was the Celtic Canter 5k. There is nothing like a race to get you fired up about your goals!!! I have some racing goals that I think are very much within my reach….Saturday was just not the day.

I am really not too disappointed, but I do have some things that I want to work on. This was my 3rd 5k. I missed my PR by 9 seconds, but was also was 20 seconds faster than when I did this race last year.

I am not really much of a 5k racer…I am more of a half and full marathon kinda gal :), but this race was fun and has me looking for another 5k.

Some fun facts about the race:

I was 1st overall female which was awesome! They gave out a great trophy, flowers and a gift card to the male and female winners!!!

There was a 71 year old woman who braved the weather and ran the race…AWESOME!!!

It was 38 degrees to start and just totally raining! It continued to rain for the entire race. It was a hilly race…lots of up and downs. While yes, these two factors play into a race time (and kind of stink), I try not to focus on them too much for a few reasons.

One, weather is just something you can’t control and have to be ready for (I really just pray that never happens to me in a marathon).

Two, everyone else was running in the same rain and up and down the same hills. Three, I live in a hilly area and therefore I will be racing hilly races…just get used to it.

I wore a garbage bag to the start line (which I took off too soon). My kids thought this was quite hysterical and asked me if I was racing in a garbage bag :).


A 5k seems like such a short re-cap…it goes by in a blur!

Here are what my slits looked like:

Mile 1: 6:22

Mile 2: 7:00

Mile 3: 6:38

.15: I don’t know because I forgot to stop my watch, but you can figure it out if you want :). I always forget to stop my watch!!!!!

I am a pretty firm believer that we can learn from all races..the good, the bad, and the so-so. I definitely came away from this race with a few things I want to work on. One thing I want to work on is pacing (I kind of feel like I am always working on this). Another is endurance at that pace. Another is focus.

My first mile was really not too far off my goal pace…my second one was way off. The ups and downs were hard on my legs in the cold and rain and I think I just lost my race focus a little and settled into that 7 minute pace. I really don’t think the second mile was any hillier or harder than the first or third. For me at least, I need to focus on the 2nd mile in a 5k. The first mile is fast because it is the start and the last mile has the finish so that you are trying to go fast, but that second mile.


So, my first race is done and I am looking for 1 or two more 5k’s to throw into my race schedule. I found another one in my town at the end of April that I will probably do.

I had done a 2 mile warm-up (on the treadmill before the race), and 6 miles (again on the treadmill…I just couldn’t head out into the rain again) when I got home for 11 miles for Saturday.

CONGRATS to Molly Huddle on her NYC 1/2 Marathon win!!!!! Amazing!!!!!



Who else raced this weekend?

How did it go?!

Do you have any big race goals that you are excited about pursuing?


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    Congratulations on first place!!!! That is truly fantastic Jen…although I get it about the 9 seconds 🙂 5ks are probably the toughest races for me as well, especially when you really haven’t been in 5k training mode. That second mile can definitely make or break the race BUT with the weather, hills and your long-distance training, I think you can say you did amazingly well!!

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    Congrats! I have only run a handful of 5K’s and I’ll be honest, I’m not really a fan. I don’t feel like I warm up until mile 7-8 normally so this distance is not ideal. The rain and cold were brutal this weekend as I experienced it to at RockNRoll DC. Not fun…at all.

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    5ks are hard! When you’re an experienced half-marathoner/marathoner, pacing for them is so difficult. But I love your outlook that there are lessons to be learned in all races – whether you’re happy with the outcome or not.
    Regardless, nice job again on the win 🙂 & 20 seconds faster on the same course in one year (in terrible conditions?) – I’d say that’s progress in the right direction 🙂

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    Congrats, that’s awesome! I am trying to get closer to your pace!! I’m doing a 10k Saturday, hoping for about 8:20 pace. I did one two weeks ago at 8:27 pace, so we will see how it goes!

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