March Madness!!!! and why I do my easy runs with my Garmin


Happy 1st day of Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I had spring fever in February :), and there is snow on the ground!

Spring means March and March means March Madness!!!!!! My husband and I love March Madness :). We both do a bracket. I even found a kids bracket online that goes by mascots and my kids love it. Honestly, this year they are doing better than I am so far!

I have this great way of picking teams based on things like this; I picked Oregon because that is where a lot of good runners are from :).


Last year this method of picking teams worked out well for me…this year not so much :).

While I love March Madness, there is no way I have time or the patience ( does anybody else have a hard time sitting and watching anything longer than 40 minutes? ) to watch all these games, so what I like to do is record them and then watch the last 10 minutes of the ones that I see have really close endings :). Today, thanks to the snow, I watched just over an hour of basketball while I ran my treadmill miles :).

This week has been a really good week of training for me with just my long run left to go.

I did one tempo day, 1 speed day, and the rest easy miles.

Speaking of easy miles…while I love the idea of doing them Garmin-less and carefree, I do not. The reason why is because at least 1 day a week I want my miles to be easy (please remember this is all relative to your pace…some runners easy miles are slower and some are faster). For me this is no faster than 8:20 and probably should be around 8:30. I have a very hard time not “settling into” an 7:55-8:00 minute pace. I think that is fine for most of my easy runs, but to get the full recovery and the most benefit from my harder runs I need to make my easy miles slower.

So, my week looked like this:

Monday: 10 miles tempo pace. Average 7:13. I have a half coming up in 2 weeks so this helps me get an idea of what my pace should be.

Tuesday: 7.4 miles 8:21 pace

Wednesday: 8.3 miles @ 8:04 pace

Thursday: Speed. 3×2 mile repeats with 3 minute walk in between and 1 mile warm up and cool down. This is one of the hardest speed workouts for me! My goal was 6:45-6:50 for the repeats and to concentrate on my breathing. They were (6:28, 6:39), (6:26, 6:36), (6:26, 6:35). I was super happy with this. The last mile was pretty tough but the pace was still faster than I was planning. I would like for the splits to be switched so I was getting faster, but oh well.

Friday: 7 treadmill miles thanks to our spring snow :). Started at 7.0 and went to a 7.5mph.

The girls are having friends sleep over and making homemade pizza and we are watching some March Madness (and writing blog posts :)).

Boston is officially 30 days away!!!!! For all of you who are training, I am SO excited for you and you are getting so close!!!!! Keep up the hard work!

If you need a few awesome things to help motivate you here they are…

1. New PRO Compression socks!!!!! These are the brand new heather style and they look amazing!


2. These awesome shirts from Sarah @ Run Far Shop. 20% of every sale of blue and yellow items purchased until 4/20 will go to Girls on the Run.


3. Elites Enter 30-Day Countdown To Boston Marathon


Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

Who is doing Boston?! How is training going????

March Madness….love it or hate it?




  1. cheryl says

    I like March madness to a point–maybe they could shorten it a bit!
    I like your take on running easy miles with your Garmin to make sure that you are running easy, I tend to look at the pace and try and speed up! I admit I have a hard time seeing slower times.
    It’s cold and there is still snow on the ground here in NH too–but that is a typical spring here!

    • Jen says

      I also have to fight that urge to speed up sometimes…other times I am quite happy to be going easy! I just try to remember what the purpose is of each run. If the purpose is recovery then I don’t want to jeopardize that. Hope you are having a great week!!!

  2. says

    March madness is so much fun, even if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing! My son is really into the brackets this year so I enjoy watching him with it.

    As to your Garmin on easy runs–I think that’s a very valid reason to use it. I am the opposite–I’d rather let my body lead and if it’s tired, it leads me easy! So we are all an experiment of one.

    • Jen says

      I don’t watch basketball all season until this :). Seems like the people who don’t know what they are doing have just as good of a shot as anybody :)…the competition is always so good!!!! I love that you let your body lead too….I think that is an awesome reason to go Garmin-less :). Hope you are having a great week!

  3. says

    I don’t know why but it surprises me that you love March Madness!? I feel cursed by it since I don’t get into it AT ALL and my birthday is March 21 so it’s always a big deal around my big day – ugh!!!
    I agree about the Garmin (and holy wow on the 10 mile 7:13!) and I too have trouble reigning in my pace to 8:30 on most easy days. This is just one more reason I wish we could run together – we’re nearly identical when it comes to paces!!! Keep up the good work – it will absolutely pay off in that half!

    • Jen says

      🙂 yes I do and it is keeping up WAY too late!!!! I played basketball for 2 years in high school and I loved it! It is kind of how I got into running. I was on an amazingly good team (1 of the players went to the WNBA another is the head lady at Ki-Hara resistance stretching and trained Dara Torres) and my junior year I didn’t make the team. I was so devastated, my best friend was on the team and I wasn’t. That is when I decided to try running :). And I totally agree…we need to live closer…I would LOVE to run with you :)!

  4. says

    So smart to do your slow runs with a watch. i am definitely so guilty of running faster than I should on days when I am supposed to be taking it easy. Thank you for the reminder!

    • Jen says

      It is so easy for me to just get into a groove and run but come hard days my legs won’t be as fresh if I do that all the time. Your welcome 🙂

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