Why comparison is good & a 5k!

Happy Thursday!

Here is a TBT…I don’t usually do throw back Thursday…but I am organizing pictures and trying to make albums and I couldn’t help myself :).


This week the weather has been so nice! I am loving it!!!!!

I decided to sign up for a 5k on Saturday, so I am excited about that! I am trying to break 20 minutes in the 5k so my plan is to add them into my training when I can.


I was talking to my daughter the other day about comparing and how it can be a bad thing or a good thing (bring on the teenager talks).

Most people you ask would tell you not to compare yourself to others. I am pretty sure I have even said that. As I thought more about it though, I have reconsidered.

I am sure you have heard the saying that goes: “comparison is the thief of joy”.

While this definitely can be true, it doesn’t have to be.

It is when you ask “how can” instead of “how come” that comparing becomes helpful.

Phrases such as:

How come she has, how come I don’t have, how come I have to, are all destructive phrases that will get you nowhere fast.


Comparison can really be beneficial though when you look at a circumstance or a person and ask; how can this make me better.

Comparison can be what motivates you to do something that you didn’t think you could do. Watching others is how we learn and improve. Should we not challenge or push ourselves in an effort to avoid comparison?

Comparing can also remind us of the blessings that we have. It can help us to be grateful.


It really comes down to what comparing causes you to do or feel. With my running I will often times compare myself to someone. It does not mean I want them to do poorly or that I will think less of myself if I can’t do what they can do. It will push me, motivate me, and challenge me, and I don’t think that is a bad thing.

It is pretty much useless to tell someone not to compare, we all do it. So let’s use it to make us better not bitter :)!

On to another topic…..BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is only like 3 days away!!!! I am so excited for all of you who are running it!!!! I will be cheering you on from MD!

What are your thoughts on comparison?

Are you running Boston or watching it?

If you are running when do you leave?

Do you make your own scrapbooks, use Shutterfly or neither :)?





  1. says

    I love this take on comparison! Yes, it absolutely can be a good and positive thing. So great how our kids can inadvertently teach us so much, right?
    As for the 5K you should 100% be able to break the 20 min mark!!! You are such a speedster that unless the course has a lot of hills, you will dominate! Can’t wait to see how it goes!!! Good luck – although you don’t need it 🙂

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