The weekend happenings & why running is confusing

What a great weekend. I tell you what, I am loving every second of this awesome weather!!!

The view out my kitchen window :)……..


We had a ladies lunch for our church on Saturday, so Friday and Saturday morning pretty much involved getting ready for that!

I put my pinterest skills to work and found some fun decorating ideas!

We made these really cute flower centerpieces out of coffee filters and spray painted mason jars.


My husband also made these cool ice sculptures for the tables

IMG_0757[1]             IMG_0756[1]

The lunch went great! We had croissant sandwiches, several salads, veggies, fruit salad and a bunch of single serving desserts.

On Saturday I headed out for my run around 4. Saturday is my long run day, but I am also in taper mode for my 1/2 marathon this Saturday. The plan was to do 8 miles with 1 or 2 in the middle at close to half marathon pace.

Ah, the best laid plans…..didn’t happen.

This is where running is confusing comes in.

One of the hardest things about running is that sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to a bad race or workout other than they just happen. Saturday wasn’t a terrible run or anything, but my half marathon pace felt HARD! I was doing 8 miles and I thought that throwing in a 1/2 marathon paced mile would be no big deal, but my legs were not having it. Last Saturday I ran 13 miles at a faster pace than I could bring myself to do one at this week. Why? I have no idea. Yes, I could definitely have pushed harder and forced it, but that was not my goal for this run especially a week out from a race. I decided to get a few miles at a comfortably hard pace in and be good with it.

It ended up being 8.25 miles @ a 7:52 average pace. The 2 miles I wanted to be 1/2 marathon pace ended up being 7:37 and 7:35.


These type of workouts and races can be big time confidence busters. My only advice is to know that they happen and that they happen to everyone!

Knowing that they will happen does not make them stink any less, but you can determine that they will not discourage you, but make you better, more determined.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Have you ever had days where you legs just won’t cooperate (I am sure everyone has)? Any races like that?

What was your favorite thing from this weekend?





  1. Nina says

    I’ve definitely had these type of runs and several lately. I’m blaming the warmer weather that my body hasn’t quite adapted to yet (even though I love the warmth, it does take a while to get adjusted to running in it). I am sure that despite your struggle this past weekend, you will have an awesome race on Saturday! You have a great attitude remembering that the occasional bad run happens and not being discouraged by it!

    • Jen says

      I LOVE warmer weather too, but I agree, it does take time to adjust. I consider myself fairly good at warm weather running…but it takes a bit to adjust. Right away I notice that I need to drink more because I sweat more.
      I think it is really important not to be too hard on ourselves over a bad run and it is a good reminder 🙂

  2. says

    YES they happen to everyone – elites included. You did the right and smart thing by not pushing the pace and just take what your body is giving you. You have trained hard and well and that one training run will have zero effect on your performance this weekend. Shake it off and move forward!!
    And WOW to your Pinterest skills my friend. Beautifully done!

    • Jen says

      Thanks Allie…I am still in shock that you had the needle thing done!!!! Hopefully it just works and you will be good to go!
      Pinterest is pretty awesome…it can make even the least creative seem like creative masterminds :)!!!

  3. says

    Tired legs before a race always worry me. It’s like my mind forgets my abilities based on past workouts, and I suddenly think I’m not capable of holding the pace I’ve been training for. Logically, I should be able to brush it off like you, but it’s nice to have a reminder that other runners have off days too.
    Good luck on your half this weekend!

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