Happy Mothers Day & some days it just isn’t there- Richmond 13.1

I hope everyone had a very happy Mother’s Day!

From when they were little…..


To now…


Time flies!!!

I am SO thankful for my mom and my girls who have blessed me beyond belief by making me a mom.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by doing a race weekend with my husband! I ran the Richmond 13.1 race this weekend and my husband did the 10k.

While things did not go the way that I had hoped, it was still an amazingly fun weekend!

It started Friday afternoon. We dropped our girls off at a friend’s house for the night. We ended up leaving an hour later than we planned. Then, thanks to some insane traffic on 95, it took us over 5 hours to get there instead of less than 3!

I have been really looking forward to this race and was really excited to get to meet up with Emma ,who I knew was also running this race. I have been reading Emma’s blog for a while now and just love it! It was so fun to meet up. She is a great blogger, mom, runner, and super nice!!! She did so awesome and was first female in 1:29!!!


A little pre-race chatting 🙂


Looking at my race calendar I really thought this race was going to be my best shot at breaking 1:30, but….spoiler alert….it did not happen. In fact, not even close. I pretty much knew by mile 3 it was not going to happen. I went for it though, and I don’t regret it. I was still able to get 4th female, 15th overall, 1st in my age group, have a fun weekend with my husband, and meet some great runners!

Here is a picture with the first 4 females. All SO nice!


My splits are really inconsistent. Honestly there were several times during the race where I was telling myself, “I am way off my goal anyways so why push.” Then my drive to push would come back and I would surge.


My plan was to stay as close as I could to a 6:53 pace for as long as I could. For better or worse, here they are along with a few of my thoughts:

Mile 1: 6:43

Mile 2: 6:58- Don’t panic, only 5 seconds off

Mile 3: 6:48

Mile 4: 6:56-  I am fighting too hard for this pace too early on.

Mile 5: 7:15 – Not going to happen and I am also noticing my mile beeping way before their mile marker…not good!

Mile 6: 7:16

Mile 7: 7:31

Mile 8:  7:28

Mile 9: 7:57

Mile 10: 7:06

Mile 11: 7:35

Mile 12: 8:05

Mile 13: 7:19

the rest…which happened to be .4!:

1:37 for 13.4 miles. 4th female


The pro’s to this race totally out weighed the cons, but there were some cons!

1. It was really poorly marked. I went about 10 steps the wrong way until the person next to me figured out we were going the wrong way. Even then we were not positive we were going the right way. There were also a few other places on the course that were confusing. I know several people, at least, missed an entire mile loop.

2. There was a lot of gravel and rocky areas. Some of it was ok, but some was really rocky and a lot of the course was like that.

3. There were definitely rolling hills, but that doesn’t really bother me.

4. It was a long course. I ran 13.4 and I know a bunch of other people did too so it wasn’t just poor tangent running. My husband did the 10k and ran 6.7 miles.

5. Speaking of tangent running, there were a lot of turns! A lot of the race felt like I was running around a parking lot too.

6. It was a little confusing with all the distances running together too. The 5k, 10k, and half all started at the same time and the courses intersected a lot.

My husband did a great job in his 10k. He held the pace he was hoping to, but obviously since he ran a half mile more, it was not the time he was wanting :). I wasn’t able to get a picture of him, but found this one the race site.

matt race

The biggest things were that it was poorly marked and it was long. Had these things been better, I still would not have gotten under 1:30 so I am not blaming that. It can just be frustrating.

I still have the Zooma Annapolis race coming up at the end of May *****You can still sign up and save 10% off of the 10k or half by using the code JEN15!!!

I am also looking into a few half’s in the fall. I am starting to work on my training plan for the Richmond Marathon and I am really excited about it!

How was your weekend?

Anyone else race?


  1. says

    Oh Jen I’m so sorry this happened. You were definitely trained to run the time you planned but sounds like it was a combination of things that threw you off. That said, your place is amazing – I mean 4th overall is truly FANTASTIC. I hope you gave yourself some time to sulk but are now back into focusing on what’s next! I definitely know how it feels to train for but then not reach a goal. You just have to forget it and move on!! You are an amazing runner and your race will come!

    • Jen says

      Thanks 🙂 Allie, you are so sweet and encouraging! I was a little disappointed during the race (which made it really hard to stay focused), but I know these races happen and that is just part of it. It is the part of running that makes the good days feel so special and so amazing. It honestly puts this fire under me to do better. I did go back through my training and look at some charts and stuff to make sure my goal wasn’t too ambitious. It isn’t, so I am sticking with it! Zooma is in a few weeks so I have a few good stress workouts I want to get in and try again there. I think the fact that it was such a fun weekend and I got to meet up with great running friends over shadowed the race disappointment.

  2. says

    Agree with Allie! I LOVED meeting you! We definitely need to plan on catching up at Richmond.
    That course was NOT easy… definitely the hardest I have done in AWHILE! I had the exact same thoughts and by the end was finally like “just cross the finish line.”
    You will have your 1:30 with all that hard work… just add some barre moves in 😉

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