All the training & some half marathon workouts

Hooray for Friday!!!


I am having a lot fun re-decorating my living room with a coastal/beach theme. I have wanted to do this for a while so I am excited about it! I love the coastal colors and who doesn’t love the beach! We finally found an area rug that we love. I am super indecisive and this one little project took forever!

Lately I feel like I have been swamped with end of the school year stuff, projects for church, and house projects.

Then there is the running :). In the last 10 days or so I have done 3 what I like to call “quality” workouts. I define quality workouts as tempo runs, speed, and long runs. Basically runs that are improving my fitness. The rest of my runs have been easy paced runs between 7 and 8 miles. My easy pace ranges from 7:55-8:20 or so. I have been trying to make sure that at least 1 of my runs is around that 8:20 or slower range. While 8 minute miles may feel easy, I know doing all my miles at that pace is probably not slow enough to allow my body the recovery it needs to do my harder workouts well.


So, here was the last 10 days workouts.

Tues: 8.25 – 8:18 pace

Wed: Speed: 12 x 800 with a 200 jog in between.

The plan was to do these at 10k pace (6:40…but honestly it has been a long time since I ran a 10k so I am just guessing) which would be 3:20 or under per 800. 3:16, 3:22, 3:19, 3:16, 3:20, 3:16, 3:16, 3:19, 3:20, 3:10, 3:14, 3:02. I was really happy with this. Shorter recovery is harder for me. The workout was tough, but I felt strong and controlled the whole time.

Thurs: 7.5 @ 8:10

Fri: 8.1 @7:55

Sat: 1 w/u 3 x 3 miles at half marathon pace 2 mile c/d. This was hard!

The girls rode bikes while I ran on a trail by our house. We got a later start, so by the time we finished it was 12:30 and 85 degrees. I am so happy I was able to finish it out, but it felt a lot harder than it should have. My goal half marathon pace is 6:53 so that was the magic number for these 3 mile repeats. They were 6:49 for the 1st set, 6:49 for the 2nd and 6:58 for the 3rd. Not bad, but I really fought for the 3rd! I also did stop a couple of times to let my kids catch up. 🙂

Mon: 8.3 @ 8:04

Tues: 8.3 @ 8:04 (I must really like this pace)

Wed: 1 mile warm up, 6 x 1 mile, 1.5 mile cool down.

This was supposed to be at 10 seconds slower than 10k pace (about 6:50). I knew I could do it faster so I decided to try for 6:35-6:40. I kind of shocked myself with how well this went. It has been a long time since I have done this many mile repeats. I started fast and wasn’t sure that was a smart idea, but thought if I can hold it then why not.  6:18, 6:20, 6:17, 6:15, 6:13, 6:18. I didn’t look at my watch until the end of the 1st one and was thinking it was about 6:30 and it was 6:18! Nice surprise! I had planned to have a 60 second recovery, but honestly it was more like 2-2.5 minute recovery…oops.

Thurs: 8 miles 8:03

Saturdays run was SO hard, but I loved that I go to do it on the trail with my girls! I love having them bike with me :). Here is our before and after picture 🙂





With the training that I have been doing for half marathons I thought I would share a few good go-to quality workouts that will help you train. If you are just starting out I would ease into these workouts. Maybe start with less reps and build.

1. 12 x 800 @ 10 seconds slower than 10k pace (if your 10k pace is 7 minute miles than you would be going for 3:35 for 800) w/ 45-60 second rest in between. If you are just starting maybe start with 6 and build from there.

2. 3 x 3 mile at half marathon pace. This is good for getting you used to that pace and for building endurance. If you are new start with 2 x 3 mile repeats.

3. 10-15 mile run with your last 3 miles at your half marathon goal pace or a little faster. You would start at the 10 mile end and build to the 15.

4. 4-6 mile tempo run at half marathon pace.

5. Mile repeats. :). 4-6 mile repeats @ 10 sec slower than 10k pace w/ 60 sec rest in between. I like to do my mile repeats on the roads to simulate races, but you can also do them on the track or treadmill.

With all of these workouts I would add at least 1 mile warm up and cool down. I really like all of these workouts and think they are great for improving your half marathon. At least I like them when I am finished.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you like home decorating?

What colors are your living room?

Do you have any other good half marathon prep workouts?




  1. says

    Wow – this is a lot of quality work here Jen!! I absolutely love that you can do a run/bike with your kids. I can’t wait until the boys are able to do that with me! Thanks for sharing some of your workouts. I will be tucking this away for when I start training for my first half on Labor Day 🙂

  2. says

    Awesome workouts Jen!! What is your half marathon time goal?
    12×800 with 200 rest is no joke!!
    Love that your girls can join you, that is really special 🙂
    I really enjoy home decorating!
    We have the colors of the sea throughout our house. Lots of white + blue, yellow and natural color.
    Have fun decorating!

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