Being prepared for the summer heat!

The weather is heating up, which means some pretty toasty runs.

Remember back in December, January, and February when you could only dream about summer weather…well, here it is!

I officially use up all of my allowed complaining time in the winter, so there is no complaining going on here. 🙂

There are some important things to remember and adjustments to be made for summer running.

Here are some tips and some of my summer favorites to help get you through:

Wear moisture wicking clothes. These are my absolute FAVORITE tops and they are from Saucony!!!


I have tried several different kinds of sunglasses and these NAUTE SPORT are my favorite! They are light, they stay put, don’t fog, and are affordable. DSC_0843



My husband and I both have 2 pairs. Mine are both the anti-fog. My husband has one that is anti fog and the others are polarized. The ones that I have are the Marathon and the Air Top. My husband has the Force and Baxter.

I love both of mine! The Marathon is a little lighter, but they are both really pretty light. My husband loves both of his but especially the Baxter. He got this pair with a photochromatic lens, which he loves for trail running. The lens darkens and lightens depending on the sun.

**** YOU CAN USE THE CODE:  jen5 to get $5 off and a free case!!!!!!!

Sunscreen is also a must and so far this is the only kind I have tried that does not set my eyes on fire when I sweat! Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport.


The SPARKLY SOUL headbands are the BEST for keeping stray hairs out of your face. They totally stay put too!

Hats are also great for shading your face and absorbing sweat. My favorite hats can be found here: Oiselle. They are pretty much the only hats that fit my head right.


One of the most important things you can do is stay hydrated! Make sure you drink enough before, during, and after. Look into replacing electrolytes. I highly recommend Nuun.

Slow your pace. Just do it, trust me. I can tell you from experience (including my last race), if you don’t slow down you will be forced to by the end! It is better to start conservative. This is so much easier said than done for me! Here is a great pace chart that can help you when adjusting your pace with the temps. Maximum Performance Running.

I recently read that it is better to run a workout slower than to cut it short. The reason being a race is never cut short. So start your workout conservatively so you can finish.

Go early or go late. Finding the coolest part of the day if you can and run then.

Find shade. Trees are your friend :).

On the hottest days I try to remember how much I hated the ice, and freezing wind, and frozen eyelash days of winter.


I also like to remember how strong these hot runs will make me for my fall marathon!!!!

Which do you like better the freezing ice or heat?

Do you have any more good summer running tips?

What is your favorite summer running accessory?



  1. says

    Hooray for Oiselle hats! I have 2 also and love them. I really love the advice of running slower and finishing rather then cutting a run short since races aren’t run that way. Perfect tip and great reminder. Thanks Jen! Try to stay cool this weekend… 🙂

    • Jen says

      🙂 It makes a lot of sense…too bad I read it after my speed workout. I ended up cutting it short, but it was really very hot and I only had a certain window of time while my girls were at volleyball camp, but I feel like it was still a good workout. Seriously the Oiselle hats are the only ones that fit my head right 🙂

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