All the celebrating!!!

So much catching up to do! It has just been one festivity after another around here!

I have to start by wishing the happiest of belated Father’s Day’s to my husband and my dad (lucky him…I made him a dad:)).



I believe there is a lot of truth to this……


…and with a dad like my girls have, they are going to be pretty amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!



We have this cute set up of bird feeders outside our back porch. I LOVE the hummingbirds that are there all the time. My husband loves to sit out there and watch the birds so we got him some great little binoculars and the girls made him bird feeder to add to the collection.


We also had Vacation Bible School at our church and my birthday. VBS was a blast! We had a bunch of kids and they all had a great time. The kids really loved the igloo that we made out of milk jugs!!!! Here is the igloo in the building took 369 milk jugs!!!!…..


And here it is finished (it has skis leaning up against it)….


I turned 35 on Friday and I now officially feel like years are flying by!!!! I had a great birthday and got a few runners favorites for my birthday :). Shoes and the Roll Recovery!!!! I love them both!!!


Training has been going great especially considering the heat we have been having!

Right now I have really just been maintaining my base, working on finishing fast and including some speed work to keep me on my toes (and ready for a 10k on Sat).

I have been doing 1 run a week as a little faster paced run with each mile a little faster and a fast finish, 1 run as a speed workout, 1 long run, and the rest easy paced runs of 7-9 miles. My mileage has been right around 50 a week with one rest day.

Here are a few of my key workouts from the past few weeks:

6/18- Speed day. 3×2 miles walk 400 in between. I did these on a track. (13:03, 13:16, 13:02)

6/20- Long run- 14 miles, fast finish, 7:52 overall pace

Last week:

Monday: 9 miles fast finish 7:48

Tuesday: 7.5 miles 8:30 pace

Wed: 8.25 miles 7:55 pace

Thurs: Speed! 5 x 1 mile + 1 800. I did these on the track. 200 meter walk in between the first 2 then 400 part jog part walk in between the rest. (6:20, 6:24, 6:27, 6:36, 6:27, 3:02 for the 800).

Friday- 8.25 at an 8:06 pace

I switched my Sat and Sunday because it rained all day Sat and I did not want to do the treadmill or go in the rain so I opted to switch it to Sunday :). ..9 miles 7:45 pace

This week has been easier paced miles leading up to my 10k on Sat!!!! It has been 2 years since I raced a 10k (insert nervous face).

I am working on my marathon training plan starting next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited about it and pretty sure I am using a new plan this training cycle!

How is your training going?

Anyone else with a summer birthday?

Do you have bird feeders in your yard?



    • Jen says

      Thanks!!! My husband turns 39 at the end of July!!! I LOVE the Roll Recovery! I have wanted it for awhile, but always hesitated because I didn’t want to spend the money. I love it though, totally worth it!!!!

  1. says

    Your training is on point as usual! Nice work. You should be more then ready for the 10K. Your body will remember how to run it 🙂
    Sounds like you’ve been having a great family summer – I hope it stays that way!

  2. says

    Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you guys have been having so much fun! My kiddos did vacation Bible school last week and loved it!
    Your workouts are going so well! Those splits for the 5 x mile – whoa! Great work!!
    My husband’s birthday is at the end of July, which always works is his favor as we are most always doing something fun 🙂

    • Jen says

      Hey Emma! Thanks!!! I am so excited that you are a blogger for Richmond!!! I can’t wait to follow your training :). I am officially starting training next week!!!!

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