Why I love racing even when I don’t love racing

If you were to ask me why I love racing while I was in the middle of running a race I would tell you I don’t (assuming I could speak). I would actually probably even tell you that I hate it. Whether I did great or not, I would also be the same person that is scouring the computer to find another race as soon as I got home. So what is about racing that keeps us coming back for more. There are countless benefits to running, but why race? Why pay to do something you can do for free?

I ran for about 10 years without having ever really thought about running a race. Then I thought I will do just one, a marathon. I have done a bunch of races since and still just love it!


Here are some reasons why I love racing:

1. The structure of my training when I am working towards a goal. Knowing that with each completed workout I am one step closer to reaching a goal.

2. The start of a race. The running community is great and seeing everyone getting ready to do something they worked hard for is so fun!

3. Crossing the finish line. Whether you accomplished the goal you had in mind or not, finishing feels great!

4. Getting to see new places for a race.

5. Because I run races, my kids love to run races and I love that! I love getting to train and enjoy the outdoors with them. I love seeing them work towards something and accomplish it.

Even when I don’t run the race that I wanted to, I still love racing!


Now on to my 10k re-cap from Saturday.

I have only run one other 10k and that was 2 years ago.

I found this race and thought it sounded fun. There was also prize money for placing in each age group which is awesome!

We had some friends in town for the weekend so she came with me. She even held my place in line at the porta potty while I ran a quick warm up (isn’t that what friends are for).

I went into the race feeling like a PR was definitely possible (41:43 is my 10k PR), but would not be easy. I decided to try to stay around 6:45 pace and then hopefully kick the last mile. I knew nothing about the course though.

It didn’t quite go that way. 10th female, 4th in my age group, 42:59. I am actually not quite sure what happened. I did not go out too fast, I felt great….I know I can do better. It was super humid, it rained, and the course turned out to be very hilly. Not necessarily huge hills, but tons of ups and downs!


Here were my splits: 6:45, 6:33, 6:53, 7:07, 7:38, 6:58. Mile 5 was obviously a hard one for me.

I did what I pretty much always do and started looking for another 10k when I got home :).

We had a great 4th! We got together with some friends and watched fireworks on a hill by their house.

A bunch of kids, a bunch of glow sticks, cornfields, food & fireworks = tons of fun!!!!!

Marathon training starts next week and I am excited! I am doing a new training plan this training cycle and I am actually a little nervous. It is different than what I have done before and a lot more structured.

die3How was your 4th?

Are you training for anything right now?

What do you love about racing?



  1. says

    Speedy! Way to have a great race! I also love the structure of races (a start & finish) and getting to see a new place. There is also something cool about running with a large group of people at the same place.

    • Jen says

      Thanks Emma….I was working on a post with my training plan in it :). I kept going back and forth about whether I was just going to do what I did last year or follow a plan. For now I am going to follow the Advanced Marathoning plan and see how it goes :). The plan I am doing has weekly mileage ranging from 55-70 but I am going to cut that down a little and make it more like 48-60. 70 is a little too much for me :). This plan is more regimented than I have ever done so we will see how it goes. 🙂 Basically it is 1 day off, 1 long run, 1 day with speed, 2 short runs and 2 general aerobic run that ranges from 9-13 miles. There is more specific instructions to each of the runs in the book, but that is the general idea

  2. says

    So close!!! I’m sorry you didn’t reach your goal (and I know a thing or two about that lately!) but I can completely relate to this entire post. Like you, I will keep running back for more even though during the race I question my sanity!!!

    • Jen says

      Something about working towards a goal and the when you accomplish it and have that great race it makes all the times you missed it worth it!!!!

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