Training update and summer camps!

Have I mentioned before that….


Sunny days, fun times with friends and family, camps, carnivals, ice cream, and bike rides…this is what summer is all about! This summer is totally flying by!


Last week my husband and I spent the week as counselors at a church teen camp. Our girls were also there as campers. It was a super fun and super tiring trip! I got to get to know and hopefully encourage a lot of really great kids. The kids also got to hear a lot of really great messages from the Bible to help them to help them in their faith. Camps like this are such a great chance for kids to grow closer to the Lord and dedicate their life. We also did a ton of fun activities like giant slip n slides, horse back riding, fishing, archery, paint ball, bonfires and canoe rides.




We also played a fun game called slip n slide kickball…it was hysterical to watch!!!


With last week being such a crazy week I decided to stray from the training plan s little bit and not worry about it. So far training has been going great! I am using the Advanced Marathoning book for my training and just finished week 3. I think this training plan has been really good for my running. I have made a few adjustments along the way, but nothing major.

My plan was to do a weekly re-cap of my training and I didn’t get to it last week so here are the last 2 weeks:

Mon 7/20–   10 miles- 8 min pace

Tues 7/21–   5 miles 8:56 pace. This was a change. this was supposed to be switched with Wed, but my legs were so wiped and 12 miles was not happening!

Wed 7/22–   12 miles 7:53 pace. These were supposed to be around 8 min paced and they were, but with a fast finish.

Thurs 7/23–   9 miles 8:12. These should have been a little slower

Friday 7/24–   5 miles 8:49

Sat 7/25– 16 miles. First 8 7:54 pace. Second 8 7:15 pace!

Sunday 7/26–   5 miles. 8:51 pace. Sunday is my off day, but with travel it got switched to Monday


Switching my day off put me at a higher mileage total this week and I am really happy with how my body handled it. 62 miles for the week.


Monday–   Off

Tues-   8.25 miles 7:52 pace

Wed-   8 miles. 8:04 pace

Thurs- 8 miles 7:21 pace. The last 4 miles were supposed to be at HMP. 6:57, 6:33 (totally NOT my 1/2 pace), 6:39, 6:54

Friday–   10.15 miles. 8:12 pace

Sat-   Travel day…12.5 hours in the car!

   7.5 miles. 8:14 pace.

I veered off the plan a little this week, but I did keep Thursdays stress workout the same. I did not have the time or energy for more than 8 miles most of the days. I also did more than 5 miles on my recovery days because I was doing less the other days. I got to do all of these runs on a beautiful trail across the street from where we stayed! I LOVED it!!!! I want to move that trail across the street from my house!

This week I am back on schedule and ready to tackle week 4 of training!

Do you go to or send your kids to any camps over the summer?

Do you like car rides?   Me…NO! But I am learning to like them more. I must say, this car ride was really not that bad at all.


  1. says

    I’m using Advanced Marathoning this time around as well! I don’t like long runs in the winter, but I love them in the summer! There’s nothing like a good sweat-drenched long run 🙂
    NICE JOB on that 16 miler!! You’ve had a solid past two weeks, hopefully the trend continues for your 4th week 😀
    & I do not like car rides one bit! Even if I’m not driving, I feel the need to keep the driver company ( sounds terrible, doesn’t it)? But I much prefer flying where I can just read a book and travel much further, much quicker.

  2. Jen says

    I really like the Advanced Marathon plan so far, but it is definitely challenging for me! How do you like it???
    I have honestly thought about going with my own plan again several times, but I am sticking with this for now. I am not used to running any more than 8 maybe 9 miles unless it is part of my long run :). I am also not used to this short speed work….but I think switching some things up is good sometimes so I am giving it a try :).
    I get antsy in car rides! I just want to get up and move around 🙂

    • Jen says

      I was a little concerned with that one week that I switched days up because it made it more miles than I was planning to run and than I have run in a long time. I haven’t taken a class yet, but I have been doing those myrtl drills that you emailed me :). How is your training going?!!!

  3. says

    Our church has a Bible Camp this week – it’s overnight for the week and they just included the 8 year old kids this year. I decided to wait till next year to send my son. I’m just not ready for him to go to a week of sleepaway camp just yet 🙂
    Your camp looks like a blast and great job with the training!!

  4. says

    Came across your blog today! Love connecting with other Christian runners in the blogging world. I write a lot about my running experiences through devotionals. I’m really impressed with your races you’ve completed! My pace is much slower but I absolutely love running and all that I learn from my time on the pavement. Bless you as you keep running your physical races but most importantly your spiritual race!

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