How I choose my training paces.

Happy Monday! I am writing this from Crescent Lake Bible Camp in northern Wisconsin! It is absolutely beautiful here!


I have talked some about this training plan that I am using for my fall marathon, but I have not talked much about how I figured out my pacing. For this plan I used a more calculated approach to determining my paces.

Right now I am pretty much using 5 paces. My sprint pace, my recovery pace, my long run pace, my general aerobic pace, and my half marathon pace. I will also be incorporating my goal marathon pace into this plan.

I started with my goal marathon pace. This can be hard to decide. Personally I went for a pace that I think I am physically capable of but at times seems scary to think about trying :). My current marathon PR is 3:19 and for this marathon I am training for 3:10. I think it is important to pick a time that is not so scary that it discourages you, but a time that will also challenge you.

From this pace I figured out my other paces. My sprint have been 100 meters and they have been pretty much all out.

My long run I have been doing at 10% slower than marathon goal pace. About 8-8:05 pace

My general aerobic pace is 15% slower than race pace.8:25 pace.

My half marathon pace is 6:55-7 minutes.

My recovery run has been 2 minutes slower than half marathon. 9 minute pace.

So far this has been working for me. It is important to keep in mind that you are working towards a time goal and there are going to be hard days.  Some days are just not going to go how you want and you have to forget the time goal and go with effort.

Last week was another high mileage week because of traveling (again :)). I was really pleased kith how it went. I think it helped that I backed off my mileage the week before so was able to go into last week fresh.

Monday – 9 miles general aerobic pace with 10x 100 in the middle. All of these were 18-19 seconds with my last one being 17.7!!!!

tuesday- 14 miles. Long run pace

Wednesday- 5 miles. Recovery pace

Thursday- 11 miles long run pace

Friday- 5 recovery miles. This run was hard, even with it being a recovery 5. My legs were tired!

Sat- 16 miles long run pace with fast finish. I kept it right at the long run pace with last 2 miles 7:20 and 7 min. I was dreading this run! I had a million things to do to get ready for our trip and was tired! I decided to forget about the time and what I could. If I had to stop so be it. Turns out this run went better than expected! Just a reminder that sometimes it is just a matter if getting out the door!

Sunday- 5 recovery miles…switched rest days.

And here we are… A 16 hour car ride later in Wisconsin!

We settled into our cabin and I even did a high ropes course and zip line ride. The high ropes was WAY harder than it looked!!!




Turns out I am not a fan of tight rope walking!!!

my girls on the other hand are awesome at it!



Have a great week!

Do you like camping?

Are you afraid of heights?






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    I love how you broke down all your paces and I love your BIG goal for the marathon – you GO!! I actually have my paces on a note in my phone so I can refer to it when I get a workout like – 2 miles @HMP and 2 @MP – or whatever.
    That ropes course looks scary but awesome! I will be doing one in a few weeks and then reviewing on the blog 🙂 So exciting. Hope you have a great running week!! Beware of wild life!

  2. says

    This is so awesome Jen!! Love your goal and you are going to NAIL it!!! All the hard work will pay off! I love working out paces during marathon training – it makes everything so much easier!
    Have so much fun at camp – Wisconsin looks so beautiful!!!

  3. says

    wow, it looks so beautiful up there!! I am excited for you to be going after such a big goal and you’re being super smart about your pacing. It’s funny, every time I’ve dreaded a run, or not been feeling it, that’s been one of the best. And I found fast finish long runs SO beneficial when I was training to take a big chunk off my half marathon PR.

  4. says

    I like how you broke down your paces. I really need to focus on making my recovery runs slower! I think sometimes I just want to get them over with, so I go faster!
    I do NOT like camping. I did take the kids camping this summer to “soulfest” a
    Christian music festival here in NH. I survived. 🙂 I love to hike, being outside, but then I like to shower and sleep in my bed!

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