The great update!

I am going to be completely honest. I have spent the last several weeks just soaking up every last minute of summer! We have been enjoying the long days and beautiful weather. The days have been filled with swimming, water skiing, camping, tubing, cook-outs, bonfires, friends and family! Summer is hands down my favorite season and it seems to just fly by!!!

Here are some highlights:








Although I have had a bunch of blog posts swirling around in my head, I just have not had a chance to sit down and get them on the computer.

I thought the best place to start would be with a catch up of training. I just finished week 7 of an 18 week training plan (oh boy, I thought I was farther along than that). Over the last 3 weeks I have had training runs where I felt like my training was going amazing and runs that I felt terrible! I do think the good old heat and humidity contributed to some of the terrible feeling runs, but that is part of summer. I did make a few changes to the plan due to some traveling that we were doing.

So here is my 3 week re-cap….


Mon– travel day so took this day off and ran the day before

Tues– 9 miles in Wisconsin with 5 tempo (6:44, 6:53, 6:32, 6:39, 6:45) 7:18 overall average

Wed- 11 miles 8:11 pace

Thurs– 1 mile race in the morning as the running leg of a triathlon at camp- 6:17. 7 miles later in the day 8:08

Friday- 5 mile 8:35 & a 1 MILE SWIM!!!!!! The swim was a challenge they had at camp to swim across the lake and back. All of you triathloners out there are amazing!!! 1 mile is a long way for someone who never swims (or cross trains for that matter). It was hard and I swam it super slow I am sure, but I did it!!!! My oldest daughter did it too and my youngest daughter made it 1/2 way.

Sat- 8 miles 7:48 pace- no time for a long run this week




Mon- 8 miles 7:53 pace

Tues- 11.75 miles with 10 x 100 (all about 19 seconds) toward the end. This run was terrible. The paces were fine, but I was falling apart and could not even finish.

Wed- 5 miles 8:56 pace

Thurs- 8 miles 8:09 pace. This was supposed to be 10, but I decided to go with 8

Friday– 5.5 miles 8:46 pace

Sat– This run was AMAZING! It felt good from start to finish. 18 miles 7:32. Last 4 miles 7:19, 7:08, 7:05, 6:50.


Mon– 9 miles 8:09 pace

Tues- 10 miles last 5 tempo 6:36, 6:27, 6:43, 6:38, 6:38. This run was also another really good run. The tempo was supposed to be 1/2 marathon pace. For me, that should have been more like a 7 minute pace, but I this pace felt good so I kept going. I know I could not keep that up for a 1/2 marathon, so I am not sure if that was smart.

Wed– 5.5 miles 8:46

Thursday- 12 miles 7:56 pace

Friday- 7 miles with 10 x 100 at the end. My 100’s were again all about 19 seconds.

Saturday- This run was terrible. I fought from mile 8 on to just keep going. 16 miles 8:08 pace


So, here we are. August is ending, another summer is in the books, and school is in full swing. My girls are both in junior high and I can hardly believe it!!! The days are getting shorter and it is time to start breaking out the pumpkin recipes :). The teacher in me LOVES back to school time!!!



I have been writing down all my post ideas so I can catch up on those too. I am pretty sure I should just start carrying a pen and paper with me when I go running because that is when I always get ideas!!!


Anyone else already miss summer?

Whose kids are back to school?!

How is your training going?


  1. says

    Such great stuff Jen and I’m still in complete AWE of your mile swim!!! It is such a long way and for someone who doesn’t swim, I don’t even know how you did it…oh wait, yes I do – you’re an amazing athlete!!
    Your training seems to be right on track as usual. Keep up the good work!!

  2. says

    Ah your summer pictures have me envious! That’s fantastic you guys got to do so much and enjoy the beautiful summer weather!
    Nice job on your tempos & that fast finish 18 miler!
    I remember struggling with the heat and humidity so much last year, but I think this year I did a much better job of just accepting it kind of like you said – it’s to be expected in this season. It’s worth remembering the rough summer runs in the heat when I’m whining about running in the cold this winter! 😉
    I canNOT imagine a 1 mile swim. Not even sure I could make it half a mile…sounds like a fantastic challenge!

    • Jen says

      I will take these toasty summer runs over freezing iced eyelashes any day!!!!! 🙂 I can’t imagine doing the half that you just did!!!! AWESOME job! That is some crazy elevation!!! Doing a sport you don’t normally do definitely shows you how there are a bunch of muscles that don’t get used when you are doing only one sport!

  3. says

    You are going to run so well in your marathon!! Your training has been really solid.
    We are holding on to summer, but the kids are also excited about school starting. Today my daughter wanted to start writing her Christmas list! 🙂
    It looks like you guys had an amazing summer!!

    • Jen says

      Christmas list already :)…I’m definitely not ready for that! Actually, I really like the season changes. I love the fall and the leaves changing and even the snow. It is right around December 26th when I decide that is enough of winter for me. It is just too bad that is usually when it is just beginning :). I am so excited that you are able to be running again!!!!!!! Every step forward is a step in the right direction!!!!

    • Jen says

      Hey! I am training for the Richmond Marathon in November. I hear you on the routine. I love summer, but the teacher in me loves the beginning of the school year!

    • Jen says

      Thanks!!!! I would love to!!!…I am not sure I will be able to keep up though, but I might try! I think you could totally knock this 1st marathon out of the park!!! Your 15 mile run was amazing!

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