An ultra, a 20 mile run & my best long run tip!

Okay, so the ultra was not run by me. My husband ran his 2nd ultra on Saturday and did awesome!!! I will also add that anyone who can do an ultra does awesome. This course was 30 miles with about 5,000 ft elevation gain! He finished a lot faster than his first ultra, in part because his first ultra was through like 5 feet of snow.

He is seriously amazing! He runs these incredibly hard races on such little training. Really. I don’t think he ever hit 30 miles for the week during his training, and most weeks are more like 16-20.

His race was 6 hours away so he brought a tent to the race Friday and camped out. He then ran the race on Saturday and drove home. He got a jar of apple pie jam for finishing and a really nice shirt. This race didn’t have medals or prizes, but  it also only cost like $25.

DSC_1140The prize winning jam

We really wanted to go cheer him on, but my girls had volleyball practice Friday night and it was just too far to go after that. Instead we sent him texts along the way to cheer him on. Nothing like racing on a trail in the middle of the woods and getting texts from your wife saying “go honey go!” :).

The girls set the tent up on Thursday before he left to make sure it had all of the pieces :).


I was supposed to have my first 20 mile run on Saturday,  but I pushed it to Monday.

I am really happy with how it went and how I felt. The long runs are intimidating to me. You just never know what to expect and they are what they are…long!

I decided to do this one on the roads. I set out 2 water bottles and my fuel in places that I knew I would be passing several times (I hate carrying water). I have 2 basic loops that I like. One is 3.5 miles and the other is 1 mile and they are right next to each other. My plan was to do the 3.5 mile loop 4 times and the 1 mile loop 6 times. For my pace the goal was to go comfortably hard for the first 14 and try to pick it up the last 6.

My best tip for the long run is to break it up. It is just a mental thing, but it totally helps me! This run I broke up into a 14 mile run and a 6 mile run. For some reason thinking about it as multiple shorter runs is way easier than one longer run.

Here is what it looked like: 7:58, 7:48, 7:48, 7:40, 7:45, 7:43, 7:46, 7:47, 7:44, 7:38, 7:40, 7:36, 7:39, 7:41, 7:34, 7:29, 7:30, 7:39, 7:23, 7:31. I am pretty happy with how consistent it was. I would have loved for all of my last 6 miles to be in the 7:20’s, but it was also getting pretty warm and I was also totally soaked and uncomfortable by that point.


We spent the rest of the day going on a nature walk as a family and catching up on house stuff to get ready for this week.

The girls had their first volleyball game on Tuesday and they won!!!! They were pretty excited!




And here we are at Wednesday :). Hope you are having a great week!!!

How is your training going?

Anyone else having super humid weather!!!?

Anyone play volleyball in high school or college?

Which would you prefer…cheaper race or medal?


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    Jen, congrats on your 20 miler!! Those time are really awesome and you are going to be so ready for your marathon!!
    I would totally take a cheap race over a medal. Medals don’t get me that excited. I don’t have a special place for them or anything.
    It is really humid here also which is never the case. We are having hot, wacky weather.
    I am just so happy to be running again! I am taking it slow and easy and resting when I need to. Congrats to you hubby on the race!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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    AMAZING!!! You and your hubs! Should we start planning a Richmond date now?! I’m trying to decide what to do this week. I have a 5K I want to actually race on Saturday, so I don’t want to run long Friday or early Saturday. But then I don’t know if my legs will be able to handle it on Sunday… decisions decisions!

    • Jen says

      That is too funny…I just found a 5k in my town this coming Friday that I want to race…just not sure how to fit that in. It is also at night which adds another element to the challenge :). I would maybe try to race the 5k and add miles after. Just do them easy. I kind of worked out my training schedule so that some weekends are cut backs so I am sure you could do that too! :). I also have an opportunity to do a half at the beginning of Oct. Perfect timing, but there is a catch…it is a trail race. I am totally NOT a trail racer, but I might do this one.

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