Week 10 of Marathon training done!!!

happy7Now there is some truth for your Monday!!! 🙂 (actually by the time I hit post it will be almost Tuesday).

This week I finished week 10 of marathon training and I would consider it mostly a success. It was a success in the sense that I hit all the paces I was aiming for and had some faster. The problem I have with it is that the effort was more than it should have been. Some of my runs should have felt a little more comfortable and a little less like I needed to sit on the curb to pull myself together.

Monday- 9 miles 7:47 pace. Fast finish last mile 6:59

Tuesday- 5 miles then 6 x 800 on the track with a 400 jog in between. This was HARD! On paper this did not look hard and I was not really intimidated by it…until I was ready to be done after my 2nd 800. I was hitting paces a little faster than my training plan said, which was supposed to be 5k pace, but I felt like I was going all out. I thought if I slowed down then I would not hit the paces.

Wed- 6 miles 8:46 pace

Thurs- 10.5 miles 7:58 pace

Friday- 6 miles 8:45 pace

Sat- 16 miles- 4 warm up then 12 @ GMP. I was intimidated about holding a tough pace for 12 miles. I put off my run and then saw Michele’s instagram of her super awesome long run and was instantly motivated! I ended up doing 12 @ 7:10 and 4 @ 7:53.


I started out a little too motivated, so I ending up making the first 12 miles my marathon paced miles and the last 4 my cool down. I also did the 12 a little too fast and paid for it later. While my 12 mile marathon miles are great…even a little fast… I was wiped for the cool down!


My girls also had 2 volleyball games this week (and they won them both!!!) and we had a church softball game and picnic on Saturday :). Fun stuff 🙂

Now time to tackle another week!

What are you looking forward to this week?

How is your training going?


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    wow wow wow! 12 miles at 7:10 is amazing!!! Good for you. Sounds like you’re getting some great workouts in and building your confidence too. That is a recipe for a strong marathon my friend!! Looking forward to seeing what you can do on race day!

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    Nice job Jen!!! 7:10 pace is super impressive!!!
    I think 800 meter repeats are hard! Way to tackle those.
    Definitely a PR is headed your way – so exciting!! 🙂

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    Solid workouts and awesome 12-miler pace, Jen! 6 x 800’s with 400m recovery makes me tired just reading it 🙂

    No training for me this week! I took a week off of running after my last half and just signed up for my next full marathon coming up in the spring 🙂 Your training is inspiring!

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