Snow, snow, and more snow!!! That was the theme of this weekend! 30″ to be exact.

I usually tend to be of the mindset that the weather is never as bad as they say it going to be and there is often a lot of over reacting, but when they issued a state of emergency for Maryland on Friday I decided maybe I should swing by the store “just in case”. Turns out so did everyone else! It was a good thing I didn’t need milk or bread :). I needed the more important essentials like the 3 creams! Cream for my coffee, ice cream, and whip cream for hot chocolate! So we stocked up and were ready for Juno!

Now, snow is definitely not my favorite (I know, it’s pretty, but I am just not a fan), but I do like to make the best of things, so fun in the snow it has been.

It all started Friday around 3 and it didn’t stop snowing until late Saturday night.

It was actually kind of fun being “snowed in”. We made snow forts, built a snowman, tried to sled (it is basically too deep to sled), made a snow volcano, played board games, baked cookies, and did all kinds of art projects. I tried to tackle some things on a long list of things I want to get done around the house. We were also able to get some great snow pictures!!!! One of those pictures was of 2 bald eagles that we saw sitting in a tree right in our yard!!!

If you are somewhere warm and sunny and dreaming about snow then enjoy my pictures :)….if you are somewhere on the east coast and are so tired of snow, the following images contain large amounts of snow!!!!



Hot chocolate is a must!


The eagles!!!



Snow forts!


Snow volcanoes! This was fun….baking soda, food coloring and vinegar.


 The view



Our snowman doing a handstand…we are snow crazy!!!




For the last year or so I have had a membership to Planet Fitness that I use in what I consider “weather emergencies”. Basically pouring down rain or single digit and below temps would send me there.  In an effort to pinch some pennies this year I cancelled my Planet Fitness membership (not that it would have mattered because they ended up closing for the weekend). As luck would have it, my treadmill also decided to quit working and needs a new part. This turn of events made Saturday’s long run become Saturdays long shovel. I am pretty sure that I ended up getting a way better workout from the shoveling than I would have from the running. I was definitely working muscles that I don’t normally work. I was able to get out for a run yesterday and today, I just had to change my route up a little and get creative.

As far as training goes, I am just starting to think about spring and fall races. I gave myself some time to run with no specific schedule and now I am ready to start training! I don’t have many specific races lined up yet, but I know I would like to focus on shorter distances and go for a 1/2 PR in the spring and possibly a full in the fall. I am still on the fence about doing a full in the fall or doing a few half marathons. As of right now I am doing a VIRTUAL 10K around Valentines Day and a Celtic Canter 5k on St. Patricks Day. The 10k will be a good gauge of where I am at fitness wise. I really like the Celtic Canter, but it is hilly and early in the season so I am not sure exactly what my plan is for that yet, but I am excited to start training for it!!!

Hope your week is off to a great start!!!!


Did you get snowed in?

What are some of your favorite things to do on snow days?

Do you love the snow or not so much?



  1. says

    Oh man!! Those pictures bring back a lot of horrible memories from last winter. It’s beautiful but oh the shoveling and plan canceling and freezing cold!! I’m glad you were able to make the most of it 🙂
    As for training, I like the idea of chasing a PR in the 1/2. It’s so much more manageable. Looking forward to what you decide and following your training again!

  2. says

    It must be payback time because it all missed us last winter :)! They had to reschedule 2 of my daughters basketball games and were definitely a little bummed about that. The schools are out this whole week from it!
    I am definitely excited to chase that 1:30 half ( I would actually love to get a 1:30 then go for a 1:28)!!! One thing I like about the half is that it is easier to plan several of them in a season where the marathon (at least for me) is pretty much one and none, no second chances (at least for that season).

  3. says

    Love all of your pictures and the pic of the bald eagles is AWESOME!!
    I think the idea of being snowed in sounds really fun, at least for a while 🙂
    Sounds like you have been enjoying your non training schedule so much and you are going to ROCK the half marathon!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!

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