From Hills to Humidity and Some Running Plans

Happy Monday!!!! We have now officially lived in Florida for 6 weeks!


There are days when it seems  like it has not nearly been that long, and days when it seems like it has been way longer! We are still waiting to close on our home and praying that will happen smoothly on May 13th, but it could also be the 16th. The whole process of moving is just hard!


It is easy to look at a particular day or circumstance and just want to “get through it” or “get past it”, but I am trying to embrace it. I want to embrace where God has me now; each day, each circumstance, as an opportunity to grow and learn. The truth is that nothing in our lives is wasted time in God’s plan. God can use even the tiniest of details of a seemingly meaningless day to prepare us for something bigger. This is where God has me now, and basically I want to be “all in”. I know that one day I will look back and see God’s hand in all of it!


It is funny because when we first moved to Maryland I remember thinking, “these hills are crazy. Running is so hard here”! Fast forward a few years and now the saying goes something like this, “this humidity is crazy! Running is going to be hard here”!

I have definitely made a few adjustments that are now part of my routine to help with running in Florida. If you live, or are moving anywhere in the South, maybe some of these tips will help you. If you live anywhere in the north, summer is coming, and maybe these will help you when it does.

1. The first thing I have changed is that I run early! I used to be pretty flexible about when I ran. I home school my girls and if I didn’t get the chance to run in the morning, I could do it on their lunch/music break, or I could do it later in the afternoon. That does not really work here. Especially as it is getting closer to summer, running in the middle of the day here is pretty much not fun! You could also run in the evening, but that just doesn’t work for me.

2. Hats, visors and sunglasses. I have always liked to run with sunglasses, but now I also pretty much always run with a hat. I never really used to wear hats and now I don’t leave the house without it. They really help provide a little shade and soak up sweat.

3. Make pace adjustments. Just do it. If you don’t do it in the beginning, you will regret it later. I love this TEMPERATURE + DEW POINT PACE ADJUSTMENTS chart from MPR’s blog. There are also going to be times when you should just throw times out the window and run by feel.

4. Stay Hydrated. Simply stated, this involves drinking more all day. I am used to not needing water for anything under 12 miles. I realized a few weeks ago, that that is most of the time not going to be the case here. What was going to be a 12 mile easy paced long run, turned into 11 miles and I really wanted water by mile 10.


5. Dress appropriately. Light colors, light fabrics, good socks.

These are all super basic tips, but they are also really helpful.

As far as racing goes, I don’t really have a plan right now. I have been doing a little bit of speed work here and there and my base mileage is still there. I am thinking that I will probably look for some shorter races throughout the summer and early fall. I would like to do a couple of half marathons this fall too. For now I really don’t have any plans for a full. We have a lot going on and I really just want to commit myself to marathon training right now. Maybe that will change, but for now that is my plan.

Who is a morning runner? If you could pick anytime, what would be your favorite time to run?

Do you have any other good hot weather running tips?

What are you training for this summer?!!!! I love to hear what other runners racing plans are!



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    I can’t imagine running in the Florida heat and humidity! I have cold weather running tips and that’s it 🙂 Morning runs are great because it gets the workout out of the way before anything else comes up.

    I’m glad you are enjoying Florida! My first race of the year is a full marathon in 3 weeks! I’m really excited but totally ready for a taper now. So today I ran and the 60 degree weather felt a little toasty for me… you can laugh if you want to 🙂 My body needs to adjust from winter running to summer-mode!

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