Snow, snow, and more snow!!! That was the theme of this weekend! 30″ to be exact. I usually tend to be of the mindset that the weather is never as bad as they say it going to be and there is often a […]

The last 6 weeks in pictures!


Here we are. Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas has past, New Years Eve is now behind us and it is 2016!!! Anyone else still having a hard time remembering to write 2016 instead of 2015??? The last 6 weeks have been a […]

Race days goals


It is officially race week!!! What started as an 18 week training cycle now has 4 days left. This will be my 7th marathon. I hesitated to write this post. I really was not sure that I wanted to put my goals out […]

Just in case you thought….


Just in case you were thinking that I dropped off the face of the planet, I didn’t. Life just happens. Things have been so busy for me and I just have not made time for my blog.¬† I know there are people way […]

4 weeks to go!


Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day? Like there is just no possible way that you will be able to check off all the things that are on your “to-do” list. I’m sure everyone has, and […]

The decision is made & 15 amazing years!!!


I spent a few days last week going back and forth on which marathon I was going to run. There were positives and negatives to both Richmond and Baltimore. I also had several times where just scratching a fall marathon all together crossed […]